Shoplifting not so big in SR, but above European average

Based on The Global retail Theft Barometer for 2010, which registers the amount of stock lost by retailers through shoplifting, puts Slovakia as average in terms of shoplifting in the world.

With a score of 1.37% (which is also the average for Central Europe), Slovakia faired much better than its Czech neighbour, which is nearer the top of the shoplifting chart with 1.4%. The percentage expresses what portion of retail goods were lost to the itchy fingers of shoplifters.

The global average is 1.37%, while Europe enjoys an average score of just 1.29%. The survey was made on 1,103 retailers in 42 countries of the world.

Global Facts At-A-Glance:

  • 1,103 retailers surveyed
  • 42 countries around the world
  • The cost of shrink globally was down 5.6% to $107.3 billion in 2010
  • Money spent globally on loss prevention/security rose by 9.7% to $26.8 billion
  • Shrink represents 1.36 percent of retail sales
  • Highest shrink found in:
    • Apparel high-risk product lines: accessories and children’s wear
    • Grocery high-risk product lines: fresh meat and luxury cooked meat
    • Health and Beauty high-risk product lines: shaving products and perfumes/fragrances
  • Countries with highest shrink rates: India, Morocco, Brazil
  • Countries with lowest shrink rates: Austria, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • Global cost of shrink: $186 per family


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