Slota clutches at straws accusing police commissioner Spisiak

The nationalist party SNS is clutching at every straw it can when it comes to blackening the name of the coalition. Now SNS party head Jan Slota has targeted police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak for some misdemeanours that he committed almost 20 years ago.

photo (c) Tibor Macak - The Daily

Slota dug up an old file on how Spisiak had been subjected to disciplinary proceedings for ‘stealing’ one litre of petrol from his police patrol car back in 1991 because the petrol station was closed, even though Spisiak returned the petrol the next day.

Another accusation of the SNS party head was about how Spisiak had ploughed his car into some parked cars, with Slota claiming Spisiak had been drunk at the time (ironic, considering Slota’s reputation as a heavy drinker who allegedly drives under the influence while protected by MP immunity).

Spisiak refuted the rather trivial claims, explaining that he had returned the petrol and that no alcohol had been detected after the accident in question, while he had been appropriately punished for his actions at the time. He then noted how Slota had conveniently forgotten to speak about the criminal investigations into certain members of his party.

Spisiak is renowned as an ardent crime-fighter, who puts a lot of effort into bringing down the Slovak ‘mafioso’ and others who would otherwise slip through the rather short arm of Slovak law. He is probably one of the most upright and law-abiding citizens in the country, and it is almost hilarious to see him accused by Jan Slota, who does not share such a reputation.

At present members of the SNS party are under investigation over several affairs, most notably the ‘notice-board’ tender, which could see MP Igor Stefanov stripped of his all-encompassing MP immunity. Slota also made other allegations against Spisiak, while saying he is astonished that someone with such a record could even get clearance from the National Security Office (NBU).

One thing is true; it really is astonishing what kind of people can get clearance from the NBU and also what kind of people can end up sitting in parliament, but overall Spisiak does not seem to be such a case.


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