Slovak actress injured in suicide bombing at Moscow airport

Zuzana Fialova

Five Slovaks were known to be present as a terrorist bomb exploded at the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow yesterday afternoon, which claimed at least 35 lives.

Two of the travellers were unharmed and so continued on their journey, but well-known Slovak actress Zuzana Fialova, accompanied by her colleague actor Lubos Kostelny and his sister, was not so lucky.

Fialova was thrown to the ground by the blast and caught some flying shrapnel. She was then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and some reports say she had to  have a minor operation, although her injuries are not life-threatening or serious.

When asked how far they were from the explosion, Lubos Kostelny said they were probably about 4 metres away when the bomb ripped through the airport. He and his sister are unharmed, but are probably counting their blessings at having escaped with their lives.

The motive behind the attack and the perpetrator are still unknown, but so far suspicions point to a suicide bomber fighting for the Islamic state in the North Caucasus.

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