Slovak Police Arrest 5 for Slavery Scheme in UK

Following collaboration with UK police, the Slovak police have arrested three men and two women in connection with trafficking people to Peterborough in Britain to work as what can only be called slaves.

Slovak Police (c) The Daily

The five relatives were arrested in a 100-officer raid in the village of Jarovnice in the north east of Slovakia on charges of suspected human trafficking by enticing poor people to go pick vegetables in Britain under false pretenses.

Once there they were kept captive as the traffickers had control over their bank accounts, sometimes giving them just £ 5 a month like pocket money, while also controlling their food.

Basically, the family of slave-drivers were collecting the wages of the victims, while they worked up to 16 hours a day in the fields or processing plant. The accused could face up to ten years in jail for their crimes.

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