Slovakia Gets Fourth Mobile Operator

Slovakia can now look forward to more competition on the mobile telecommunications market as the company SWAN won the licences for the necessary frequencies to provide mobile telephone services on 4G mobile network, meaning it will become the fourth operator in the country.

SWAN, which already provides a wide range of broadband and triple-play services in the country, won over the competition by paying around EUR 6.6 million for operating licences in the 1800MHz frequency band in the auction at the telecom and broadcasting regulator on 8 January.

SWAN will now join the existing three operators Orange Slovensko, Slovak Telekom (T-mobile) and Telefonica O2 Slovakia, which all acquired additional band licences in the auction. The regulator gained a total of around EUR 164 million from the sale of the auctioned frequencies.

SWAN should be providing services in the second half of this year, but must have its operation in use by 8 July under the terms of the auction sale.

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