Slovakia Ranks Well in Number of Road Deaths

Daily SME published an article today looking at road death stats for Slovakia last year, while comparing them against the figures recorded in neighbouring countries.

photo: Regional Fire Brigade KR HaZZ Trnava/Sita

The general trend is that the number of people killed on the roads is on the decline, not only in Slovakia, but also in its neighbours, with the exception of Ukraine, where there are no reliable statistics available. Last year Slovakia registered the lowest number of fatalities since 1966, with a total of 223 people killed in traffic related accidents (583 in the Czech Republic).

Slovakia is doing well also in terms of the number of fatalities per one hundred thousand inhabitants, enjoying the best per capita ratio in the region since 2009, stated the daily.

There were 4.12 deaths per hundred thousand inhabitants in Slovakia, compared to a figure of around 5.5 in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. A total of six road deaths were seen in the first two weeks of this year in Slovakia, which is more than the year before, according to the daily.

The improving figures are put down to safer cars on the roads, better quality roads, stricter policing and even better weather. Although the number of deaths on the roads here may be falling, the number of arrogant drivers seems to be on the rise with the increasing tempo of life.



  1. I don’t think you do well in any league of unfortunate deaths but credit where credit is due – there has, for last year at least, been a marked fall in road fatalities.

  2. Audi driver equals ARROGANT Driver !!!

    Driving in to Ba today, I saw three stopped car accidents, all down to tailgating …what is wrong with these plonkers ?

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