Slovakia Grabs AU Optronics Operation From Brno

Major Taiwanese electronics manufacturer AU Optronics is planning to move its LCD division from Brno in the Czech Republic to the company’s Trencin plant in Slovakia, reports Hospodarske Noviny today.

AU Optronics, Trencin

Some believe the company took the decision as security so as not to endanger the chance of receiving EUR 38 million in state assistance from Slovakia. The company rejects the claim that it has this hidden motive, citing instead “better co-ordination and better customer service” as the reasons for the move.

The company recently announced cutback plans as the LCD market slumps, with it sending its Slovak workforce home until January over a lack of orders. 

The division of the Brno plant currently employs 150 people, which means another 150 or so jobs being created at the Trencin plant, taking its workforce in Slovakia to over a thousand, This would guarantee the investment assistance condition of generating at least 1,000 jobs.

Worldwide the company is posting decline, with AU Optronics Corp. announcing its preliminary consolidated October 2011 revenue of NT$31,210 million, down 5.2% month-over-month and 11.2% year-over-year.

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  1. Cor , all those years ago, Slovaks on English language websites were spouting on and on how all this `econ investment` was coming in to the country , because of a local, a highly skilled, well educated and flexible workforce , they were better workers and more cost effective than UK workers who were being kicked out their own jobs ..( the fact the Slovaks were earning only 400 euro a month and the employing company given huge salary support, tax breaks, land and fiscal incentives , just passed them by ) ………… a blatant 38 million taxpayers bribe keeps 1000 jobs open in Trencin .

    Once Turkey joins the EU, watch how Slovakia becomes a nation of sheep herders again .

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