Smer-SD establishes shadow cabinet

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily

Opposition party Smer-SD has set up a shadow cabinet to scrutinise in more detail the activities of the current coalition government. By setting up the shadow cabinet, Smer-SD will be more organised in contesting and questioning the work of the government.

Party chairman Robert Fico presented the party’s new shadow cabinet yesterday, saying he expected it to monitor the government, contest decisions that it does not agree with and present alternative solutions where it deems fit, like the issues of price hikes and the revision to the Labour Code.

The Smer-SD shadow cabinet is mostly made up of former ministers under the former government, and is as follows:

Robert Kalinak  – interior issues

Marek Masaric – culture

Jan Počiatek – finance

Robert Madej – justice

Stanislav Becik – agriculture

Lubomir Jahnatek – economy

Jaroslav Baska – defence

Dusan Caplovic – education

Lubomir Vazny – transport

Richard Rasi – health

Zuzana Zvolenska – labour

Olga Algayerova – foreign affairs

Olga Nachtmannova – human rights and minorities

Peter Kazimir – social affairs and economy

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