SWAT Officers Were Running Pimp Business

According to a TASR news report, 7 former members of the special SWAT police force in Bratislava have been arrested for pimping along with 4 others in an organised operation where the prostitutes were being protected and escorted by the men of the law between 2008-2009.

photo: Seedfeeder

The men would take the ladies of the street to their clients, allegedly charging EUR 50 for the ride, so to speak. It is estimated that in the space of a year the men managed to rake in more than EUR 210,000 in illegal earnings free of tax.

The ring involved at least 16 prostitutes from a so-called massage parlour, who in addition to providing sexual services at the parlour would also work directly for the SWAT police officers.


  1. Stories like this make you feel realy safe at night!
    SWAT officers running whores – where were there superiors? – having a freebie?
    Slovakia – downwards, ever downwards!

  2. Ex-members. Not “members”.

    JB, correction please!

  3. I really can not see what all the fuss is about.The police are only fulfilling the promise written on their vehicles,- pomahat a chranit, to help and protect.

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