Tesco Launches Free Home Delivery Service

In today’s rushed times, shopping is a time-consuming business, but there is no longer any need to waste all that time touring the shelves and waiting on the endless queues as you can now buy what you need online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Retail chain Tesco is now ready to launch its online order and delivery service in and around Bratislava, with the added advantage of a free delivery service as part of the pilot testing until the end of September.

Tesco will make the deliveries to everywhere in Bratislava and to anywhere in the districts of Malacky, Pezinok, Senec and Dunajska Streda. You can check whether you area is covered here.

For more information on the Tesco deliveries, visit the special website.



  1. Slovak Tesco pushing that shopping experience forward – well in BA, us plebs out in the sticks don’t qualify.
    Bad enough finding out of date foods when shopping “Mano a Mano”, God only knows what crap will be delivered to your door.

  2. As written in the following blog Tesco has probably forgotten to solve a few questions before the service went public

    There is no product description online as might be required by Slovak law, also country of origin might not be proved as required by Slovak law.

    Another issue is that Tesco says: “Your card will only be charged after your goods are delivered” but the card is charged at the moment when the order is packed but not delivered yet.

    1. Yawn , yea, yea, yea , perhaps the rest of as are not quite a dumb as Slovaks and actually know what we are buying in the jar and where from ….

  3. Yes Paul…….epic laziness and future obesity . Of course better we all jump up and down in a Medical gardens or park ( for a fee of course ) and pretend that without a proper medical first, obtaining any liability insurance cover, or obtaining a proper permit that we are all going to feel so much .

    Clearly you do not work Paul, ( or so loved up ) or you would know that personal shopping is just not a pleasure and surely one pain in the ass drudge, if there is a woman in tow .

    BTW . How is the feisty Lucy ….. Still chewing on that raw meat ?

  4. Well, Slovaks are really finding some creative ways to join American in epic laziness and future obesity cases it seems.

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