UK Court Returns Conkov Family Their Five Kids

The court in Chatham ruled today to return five Slovak children of the Conkov family to Slovakia instead of to adoption in the UK, after all five were taken by Social Services in the UK, with the youngest being just three weeks old.

Naturally, the family from Humenne in East Slovakia is overwhelmed by the ruling, which also gives a ray of hope to others who have found themselves in the same position as the ruling might set a precedence. Although the family can return home with their children, once in Slovakia the Slovak social services will intervene and could place the children in a home depending on its assessment. The hearing was attended also by the Slovak consulate in the UK and head of the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children.

Protest in front of British Embassy this week (c)

The Conkov case recently came to the attention of the Slovak media, in addition to the B family case. According to the Humenne Korzar, a total of 68 Slovak and Czech Roma children alone have been taken from their parents in the UK, based on the information of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR).

Representatives of ENAR from various countries have now started monitoring how many families are having their children taken by Social Services in the UK. The findings show that most of the accusations were even related to sexual abuse or tyranny, with excuses like when an 8-yr old boy was caught with a cigarette in his mouth.

The Conkov family lost all their children after the younger ones were being attended only by the 15 and 17 year old siblings, because their Polish nanny had allegedly left them unattended while the parents were on night shift. according to ENAR, many of these Roma families did not turn to anyone for help and did not battle with the British authorities, partly because of the language barrier and partly because of the financial demands involved.

ENAR therefore plans to write to the social services authority in Great Britain in protest and local representative for Slovakia is seeking an audience with British Ambassador Susannah Montgomery, also with the offer of an official interpreter for the Roma language. Anyone having problems with the police, social services and so on, can write for advice to


  1. Why are you promoting Vermin and there litters Mr Bod ???

  2. I had to laugh, the Concovs plan to return to the UK with five of their 9/10 kids because……….”they can’t afford to live here” which sounds very much to me like they are missing their UK child benefits. I hope someone meets them off the ferry and turns them straight around.

    1. Yep, FXXX OFF back to Humenne and let SS in Slowvakia do nothing as normal….nits, worms and rashes anyone ?

  3. Due to the huge interest and number of comments on this subject, for ease of reading we have set up the subsection UK Forced Adoptions, which includes all articles and comments relating to this subject.

  4. Yet again we are invited to check out some story about the UK Social Service, this time from that oracle of truth and impartial reporting, You Tube! what next? The Daily Sport?, UFO Monthly?. Never any substantiated facts from our resident village idiot, just hearsay and rumour. Vacuum between the ears?
    Meanwhile, reported on JOJ so it must be true, Slovak Social services handed dead womans child in to the care of her sister with no background checks. Court procedings brought by the childs step-father reveal the woman has previous convictions for torturing children – another unfortunate hole in the system or incompetent Social workers?
    By all means pick holes in the protection of children in the UK but please have the grace to admit to the failings of the Slovak system.
    I hope that all this coverage and outpouring of public angst results in the UK and Sloval authorities working together and that in the future any Slovak families who have “child protection” issues are immediately deported back here for the SK to sort out. It will at least free up time in our courts, reduce the workload of the social workers, save the UK tax payer money plus we will no longer have to endure what passes for reporting here.

  5. If you want to see how the work of the UK SS looks, please look up on Youtube “UK SS (Social Services) kidnap one more child from his house”.

  6. Slovak SS are great!! read article:

    Please dont complain about these poor families living in the UK taking advantage of the system! they get what they deserve!

    ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ if we have standards and rules to follow! then follow them! if not return or never leave the land of hope and the great (Slovakia)!!!

    when your system becomes anything as civilised as the UK, and the corruption leaves your blood system, and the thought that your the most clever nation in the world… lol your living examples of the expression ‘Chinese copy’ you copy everything and the stand hard faced thinking your the great founders of all!!! get a reality check rednecks…

    And please tell your kids: Pan Ing. with his 50 year old briefcase with a bread role and pate in it, is OUT!!! and commonsense is IN!!! ūüôā

  7. Hey, This is not time to act as “British patriots”, but to admit that in United Kingdom there is a problem which amounts to a genocide. Children from all Countries, such as French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Slovak, Portuguese, African, are been removed, raped in foster care and if are infants, been sold like “cattle’s” (cows) in the catlle market. 100,000 children today have been unlawfully removed by the British establishment (Judges and social services) the majority are British. if are Roma let them be with their families. If they are Slovak let them be with their families, if they are British, let them be with their families.Black, white, Yellow, Roma or else. A child belongs to its parents and no to the BANANA REPUBLIC The Pervs of United Kingdom.

    1. Amen to that , Level Head!!!! I think that most of the people on this forum are missing the points you just highlighted.

      1. Now Loghead, gets even more desperate ….he become LEVEL hEAD .

        Lola , Head, up, ass comes to mind .

    2. OK Honest question Noel Christmas Trees…..why did we leave Slowvakia? Did you give up and many have done I know in pure frustration ???

  8. J.B. “Dead Girl….. uncovers holes……” Why no comments?

  9. Yah whoooooooo folks ! Five Roma kids and there entire now unemployed family are on there way back to Slovakia to claim taxpayer funded benefits.

    British justice at it`s best ! Slowvaks must be so,so pleased ??.

    But wait, OH DEAR …..once in Slovakia the Slowvak social services will intervene and could place the children in a home depending on its assessment ??????

    OK everybody back on there heads !

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