War Next Door? No Panic

While the world eyes Slovakia’s neighbour Ukraine as it braces for a potential Russian military invasion, all is calm in Slovakia, with the government still holding back from convening its Security Council and making no particular moves in respect of the rapidly unfolding explosive situation across its border.

The protests leading to the ousting of President Yanukovich, sparking Russia's attack, photo: Maya Zakhovaiko

Speaking at a press conference in the town of Poprad yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Fico emphasised that Slovakia was in favour of a diplomatic resolution to the situation, but that option for Ukraine is becoming ever more distant, with a real chance of a full military conflict in Crimea on the Black Sea.

A key issue concerning Slovakia is the supply of gas from Russia via Ukraine, something Russia has used as leverage before. Even so, Slovakia now has the option of reverse flow of gas from the west and it has sufficient underground supplies to last five months, according to PM Fico.

On the subject of whether Slovakia could handle an influx of refugees, the prime minister said it could handle about a thousand right now, and tens of thousands subject to the support of the European Union.

Russia’s Black Sea fleet reportedly issued a deadline of 3 a.m. (GMT) for Crimea to be surrendered or it would send in the troops, according to the AP, but Moscow has refuted this. The Russian invasion has met with widespread international condemnation and the UN Security Council is now entering its third Emergency session on the conflict. Crimea looks set to be taken over by Russia, but its ambitions may be more expansive, with east Ukraine predominantly Russian speaking.


  1. Last I heard there was US ‘aggression’ in Ukraine. I don’t think Slovakia has anything to worry about as far as Russia is concerned. The EU/ US and their masters want conflict in the region. Conflict is big money for the elites and keeps us managed.

    For example, who else, but a total and absolute evil *&&7$ would force European countries who are struggling with EU-imposed senseless ‘austerity’ to take on the trojan horse soldiers of US-led ISIS?

    Again for those of you are are astute, have a look at the links below and study the male victim in both Paris and Boston events as depicted in them. It seems that at least one crisis actor was used for the Paris false flag event.

    The plot thickens ūüôā


    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3339466/PIERS-MORGAN-Bombing-crap-ISIS-won-t-win-war-not-bombing-lose-it.html ,

  2. All Slovaks should be deeply concerned about BnM’s statement. A 1000? 250 famiies? is that not the average number living in a single panalak here? That doesn’t bode well for the locals if the SVK should suffer a natural disaster or, god forbid, a man made one. If the Ukraine turns into a shooting war the SVK will become a transit country for 100’s of thousands. If the man who would be king can’t get his head around that he shouldn’t be running a bus company let alone a country.

    1. Dave mate …..he can just sweep them all under that carpet ….millions of euro are hidden there and could support thousands of people . Job Done !

  3. Well JB , thank you for the full and indepth analysis ………

    News Flash …..SLOWVAKIA will strengthen the protection of its eastern border due to the growing tension in Crimea, Ukraine, the Security Council decided at its session on the evening of March 3rd.

    King Bob the Fico the PM and acting in waitin President expected, said regarding the defence of Slowvakia

    …..I have to tell you dat in de morning, de man with, de nails will be here to fix the de fence …

  4. “On the subject of whether Slovakia could handle an influx of refugees, the prime minister said it could handle about a thousand right now”

    I think the PM & Ministri Vnutra needs to overhaul the whole citizenship act that is outdated compared to the updated 2014 Czech laws and Hungary’s fabulous 2011 Simplified Naturalization laws.
    How can Slovakia take refugees when it can’t even correctly identify an updated citizenship act that has own only become worse since 1993? Time for a CHANGE to Slovakian citizenship laws! This is how you make a stagnate country grow.

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