‘We’re on Our Own,’ says Fico

Prime Minister Robert Fico left an informal summit of EU leaders on Wednesday evening with the idea that Slovakia may just have to go it alone when it comes to boosting the country’s growth. According to him, the talks failed to pin down a specific and resolute set of measures aimed at encouraging growth, and had a more general feel to them.

On his way back home from the meeting in Brussels, a somewhat disappointed Fico stated that he had hoped the talks would have been far more fruitful, “The summit has shown that it will mainly be up to the member states what kind of measures they adopt. I’m leaving with the conviction that it’s especially up to us, what we do back home in Slovakia, and to what extent we’ll be able to prepare moves to strengthen economic growth.” Leaders only seem to agree on ‘project bonds’ which use project companies to finance infrastructure investment projects.

On the subject of Eurobonds and an EU financial-transaction tax, Fico spoke of the stalemate, “It will probably be very difficult for us to reach agreement at the EU-level when it comes to these two moves,”  Fico and his government still fancy the Eurobonds potential for pulling Europe out of it ongoing debt crisis, while Germany and Merkel line up in the ‘no to Eurobonds’ camp.

The PM also mentioned that he’d asked EC leaders off the record about young job-seekers employment support, saying greater flexibility was needed in deciding on EU funding allocations.

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  1. Poor Bobby no Mates. No quick fix or handout from Europe – shame.
    Never mind though, now he can demonstrate his political leadership and solve the Sk’s troubles with a comprehensive range of policies and decisive actions, without outside help.

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