Authorities Criticised for Letting Violent Attackers Go

The newspapers this week have been focusing on the case of seven skinheads who were caught on camera violently beating up people in two separate incidents at a bar in Nitra in October last year and January this year, with criticism being directed at the authorities on how they have dealt with the cases.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The five attackers from the October incident were taken into custody only this week, but they were all soon released by the public prosecutor overseeing the case, despite being charged. The other incident from January involved two men who also broke the bar owner’s leg.

The video of the five men shows them all dressed the same, punching and kicking people in the head and body repeatedly, while laughing among themselves. They are believed to be members of an extreme right-wing group.

All the men could all face between five and twelve years behind bars, as their attacks have been classed as particularly aggressive and violent. The Attorney General’s Office will be looking into how the cases were dealt with.

Slovakia still has a problem with right-wing extremism in general, with around 11% of Slovaks inclined towards supporting right-wing extremism, which is a persistent problem in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, according to the DEREX index. Proof of this came recently with the election of the unashamed extremist Marian Kotleba as the Regional Governor of Banska Bystrica region.


  1. Amazing – Yobs break a mans leg then return a month later to attack three more people and the police sit on their ar*es!
    A couple of Roma alegedly throw a couple of stones at a patrol car and 63 SWAT officer steam in, beat ten bells out of all and sundry, arrest and detain people, abusing them while in custody only to release them without charge. Kalinak and the head Keystone Cop claim everything is proper and correct in the police – Yeah right!

    1. Your facts are incorrect. Read more before you write. And again – stop making up stuff, a.k.a lying!

      1. Spider , the man with the lowest ever IQ in Slowvakia ….

        What are you reading and fact checking from, the independent Police report …dope !

      2. Spider must be a Village Idiotlog or is it Loghead come back to haunt us?

  2. People Power? Nice to read that one decent Slovak citizen has taken some real action to curb these louts – the owner of the building which contains the bar where these thugs meet has given them notice to quit. Good on you Sir!

  3. Oh Dave, pipe down. You sound like one of those “keyboard cowboys”. . .real tough behind a computer screen. Why don’t you go confront these young men yourself, and directly ask them your question.

    . . .that’s what I thought.

    1. Well Roger, I have, in my younger years, been obliged to face down people worse than these cowards all over the world. So I have been there, done it and got the T-shirt. I’ve “educated” a couple of the local scroates. The one thing they all have in common is the “pack mentality”, they only feel safe to behave as they do in numbers, one on one, when its clear that your not going to back down, they quickly switch to appeasement mode. As for your question – If the Slovak police want training in how to deal with these idiots they only have to ask. Would I confront 11 thugs on my own – No, but give me ten men I could trust and it would be no problem even at my “advanced” age.
      Watch the full CCTV and make a note of the time elapsed, where were the local and State police? They are employed to face down these gangs – time they started doing their job.

      1. Seems like we have Matlock, Burkes Law, Rocky ,Crocodile Dundee all rolled into `Death Wish ` one, no ?

  4. I see counting is a skill yet o be developed here! The vidoe of one attack shows 11 thugs, all dressed in the same garb. Yes, some were not directly involved in the attack but were clearly positioned to prevent any intervention – conspiracy to inflict bodily harm, aiding and abetting? Why these animals were not arrested there and then eludes me, why it takes weeks for the police to decide to do something baffles me also. Lets us hope the recently announced batch of police new recruits have more drive and determination than the current goon show. To now hear that they may not be prosecuted demonstrates, yet again, that Slovak society is disfunctional. Potential visitors please note – there is no Law and Order in Slovakia. Gangs of thugs and criminals rule the streets and if you are attacked you will not recieve any justice.
    One final note, would our 11 examples of the Slovak, arian, super-race be so brave facing a an equal number of marines or paras?

  5. Not exactly, Porgy. You think anyone with a piece of matter within the skull would think of anything more sophisticated than a hangover coming out of SK?

  6. Mat Door, what say you ? You think Slowvakia is full of bankers ….?

    Gosh, is everyone coming over to the Dark Side at last ????

    1. I am not a fan of violence. Seeing this Unc Georgie reminds me of the wild west and how a country isn’t heading for democracy.

  7. No just the everyday, run of the mill Slovak NAZI probably. SK is clearly full of these wankers, and many more.

  8. Are these guys perhaps police officers ????

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