Police Raid Car Stealing Ring

The Slovak police have closed down a ring of car thieves since yesterday in sting operation Leguan co-ordinated in six different regions and involving over 160 officers, mostly in Levice.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The operation has led to the confiscation of around 26 cars, 4 motorbikes, and other incriminating items, including computers and documents. Many of the cars are selected luxury cars, with Audi, BMW, Toyota and Mini cars all now with the police, for instance.

Two culprits have so far been arrested and could face between 12-20 years for theft, fraud and money laundering.


  1. Yea right , members of the police were in these rings ..it is well known here in Slovakia . Given the changes in Government , I guess the local Commander needed a quick score and high profile result to help keep his easy job and salary and so he fingered his former business friends.

    You note 160 police in action , TWO culprits found …hardly a car ring ?

  2. Well done!

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