Bratislava Launches 50 Free Wifi Buses

Starting Friday 21 December, around 50 buses in Bratislava will start providing free wifi to passengers, in the wake of a pilot project tested out on one bus lines, the website reports.
Free wifi (c) The Daily
The wifi buses, with a connection of around 1Mbit/s, will be the ones that are already equipped with the TV monitors at present, which show news, programmes and adverts during the journey.
Other cities are lining up to try out the system as well, including Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Presov and Nitra, which is already testing it out.


  1. Dave C,
    As I can remember from past -you are from Hull, UK.
    You wrote:
    ”My home city has had wifi buses for at least 3 years and they don’t loose connections.”
    Are you taking piss my fried? I have been in Hull about 5 times , it is capital of cheap booze, basically shit hole. Everybody in UK knows it.
    It has been awarded as ‘Worst place to live in UK’ by BBC:
    just click here:

    ..and you have had internet in buses in last 3 years?! Shit!
    A good stuff you smoke David.

    1. Juraj – Listen to this pearl of wisdom that Crap D. has produced today – The English is not a nation, there is only British nation 😀 😀

      1. …as I said the Ichy and Scratchy show . Slowvak Style ..

        Just one thing, if you are in the shit hole , why are you working and living there Juki ?

        No jobs for male hookers and bum bandits in Slowvakia …because Gay people just do not exist here .??

    2. Juraj old son,
      If you knew anything about the world you would at least be able to make valid personal comparisons. Seeing that you don’t and can’t, perhaps you would be well advised to at least check several sources. The BBC list is, in my humble experience misleading, a bit like those lists of the best cities in the world to live. It all depends on who you are and what you want. Nitra is a top place, but if Hull is the worst place to live in the UK, then sadly Bratislava has a big problem worldwide.

      1. Alec – Here you completely missed Juraj’s point. He didn’t care from what hole Crap D. comes from, it’s about Crap’s lies about the free Wifi buses. Got it?

        However 86 reported crimes a day /31.390 a year!!!/ is awfully lot, no wonder Crap is so sensitive about wrong parking.
        Maybe Hull should be renamed into Hulk, that would suit it better.

        “Come round ‘ere and say that and I’ll fukking stab you” 😀

        1. Logar, you are conspiring with the English and licking of there bum . Your name is on our enemy of the State list. Come the glorious day of the next uprising of the Slovak Patriots, you will me brought to account . Be afraid .

          1. Go to Hull, Georgina! 😀

    3. Jurji, You are Slovak? Be proud, not silly or act stupid. You give the English opportunity to make you look like madman .This is not how good Slovaks act . Your name is on our list . Come the glorious day of the next uprising of the Slovak Patriots, you will me brought to account for you bad actions . Be afraid .

    4. Juraj
      All your post proves, yet again, is that you can’t read or tell the time.
      The news article from the BBC (2005) comments upon a Channel Four TV program from 2005. The BBC have not awarded anything to anywhere.
      Capital of cheap booze? A bit trite coming from someone whos’ home country is near the top of the EU league for alcohol dependance, related illnesses and violence not to mention the price of all alcohol in the SVK is a fraction of what a UK drinker would pay even during the cheapest of “happy hours”.
      You are from Hull – No!, I was born in Hull, I lived close to Hull but have spent most of my life elsewhere.
      As a foriegn IT nerd who finds it strange to have to work with other foriegn IT nerds you should know that Hull, through the enterprise of Kingston Communications and the development work of Hull University, is a world leader in the field of all forms of ITC. I won’t give you a history lesson.
      You quote crime stats from the same 2005 program but you don’t understand what they mean. As has been pointed out so many times before, the UK has totally different laws and records all crime. If you choose to look closer at the stats 47% of those reported crimes were ASB ( Anti-Social behaviour) which covers everything from dogs crapping on pavements to being drunk. The majority of ASB offences in the UK are normal acceptable behaviour here in Neverneverland. Over 20% of those crimes were motoring offences, again Slovakia does not consider many motoring offences as crime so they are not reported as such – using a mobile while driving, overloaded vehicles, illegal parking etc – all common everyday and unpoliced activities here but would be dealt with by the police and courts in the UK. If we look at violent crime, again our two countries have different definitions. Shouting your mouth off and making threats in Slovakia is a common practice, do it in the UK and your charged with a violent offence. The bottom line is, yet again, don’t quote figures unless you fully understand what they mean and don’t try to draw comparisions with this backwater where the few published stats have been doctored, edited or are plain fiction.

      1. Dave C. i read both Logsar and Juraj . There comments and answers are childs and we of the party would say retarded .

        They are are true Slovak or patroits and must have much Hungaryian blood in there veins or come as bad situation of there mother .

        1. Georgina, if you use a false identity, pretending to be a crazy local dude, please at least change also the way you use punctuation marks. Your 2 out of 3 full stops, commas, exclamation and question marks are one space behind the last word.

          Work on your English dude!! Maybe a New Year’s resolution? 😀

      2. 😀 Dog’s crap is not a crime. Neither is yours. Luckily for you 😀

        For using a mobile phone while you drive you lose a few points, it’s the traffic rules’ breaking. Again – not a crime.

        The other crap you wrote – I don’t believe you a word either. You are a desilusional grumpy old man.

        Read more about your hometown:
        Total recorded crime has fallen rapidly in Hull during recent years and at a faster rate than both regional and national averages. However, it must be noted that previously crime rates in Hull were significantly higher than they were at the regional and national geography. In 2002/03 the overall crime rate in Hull was over twice the national figure.

        The decrease in recorded crime in Hull shows positive progress and has contributed towards narrowing the gap. However at 120.2 recorded crimes per 1,000 population in 2009/10, the recorded crime rate in Hull is significantly above the regional (83) and national (79) figures.

        The total recorded crime rate in Hull has fallen by approximately 118 crimes per 1,000 people since 2002/03 (49.6 per cent) compared to 34 crimes per 1,000 people nationally (30.1 per cent).

        In 2009/10 the rate of crime in Hull was above the national average for total recorded violent crime (26.2 per 1,000 residents compared to 16), recorded burglaries (18.1 compared to 10) and offences against vehicles (11.7 compared to 9). The recorded robbery rate was in line with the national average (1.1 compared to 1).

        Rates in all offence categories, except violent crime, have fallen in Hull since 2002/03 and in each case at a faster rate than nationally. Violent crime increased until around 2006/07 but has been reducing since and is currently at a level equivalent to 2002/03 (26.2 offences per 1,000 people).


          May 2012 – Hull is Britain’s new drug capital

        2. Loggie – Dog crap is not a crime – really? so why can dog owners be taken to court and fined upto a £1000.00 for letting Fido take a dump and the matter recorded as an ASB crime?
          Using a phone while a vehicle is in motion is a crime in the UK, the police may issue a spot fine which is recorded in the crime stats and the drivers licence is endorsed ( 2 points I believe) however, if the police consider the drivers use of a mobile form constituted a serious threat to safety they may also charge the driver with any number of other offences – Dangerous driving, Driving without due care and attention, Recless endangerment etc – all of which would result in a court appearance. The toting up procedure for penalty points could also result in the driver and his vehicle being taken off the road and losing his licence with a court deciding how long the driving ban is for and any conditions for the return of the licence at the end of that period – retake the driving test etc.
          So, Dog crap, using a mobile when driving, peeing in the street, being drunk, serving someone who is drunk, making a noise in the street, illegal parking and many other Slovak customs are all reportable and included in the crime stats in the UK.
          Is crime common in Hull, yes it is, unfortunately. As a major sea port it has attracted Eastern European and Italian organised crime involved in various smuggling activities – mainly drugs. Drug use is high in Hull and much of the reported serious crime is drug related. One point to note is that crimes involving firearms are very rare in the city. As you have pointed out the police have had some success in combating crime in the city but still have a long way to go. Stats based on crimes per captia of population are not really a fair indicator for cities like Hull, which handles over a million sea passengers and 300,000 air passengers a year and also attracts over 300,000 tourists a year.
          Other than that, what point exactly are you trying to make?

          1. Crap D. – I’ve made 2 points:

            1. You are a lier who first claimed that the London buses have free wifi since 2006. When your fingers got smashed in the door you started claiming that your hometown has the wifi.
            Which was obviously another lie.

            2. You keep complaning about wrong parking while in your hometown of Hull people get stabbed daily. You keep complaining about noise while in your hometown people get physically attacked and sexually offended daily.
            You complained about dogs’ crap while in your hometown rate of burglaries is so high that the prices of the properties have dropped down.

            Meanwhile your city of Hull has probably more dogs’ crap, parking problems and verbal attackings then Presov, where you live now.

            Why do I bother to keep writing these posts over and over again? Because it offends me when you say that every city in SVK is the same. My hometown Skalica is a great city to live in, compare to your hometown Hull it’s a paradise on Earth. I mean it!!
            Should I start writing that every city in the UK is like Hull?

            Hull sounds like a terrible terrible place to live in. You be grateful Crap that you live where you live. If you stayed in Hull you would be /on average/ mugged, robbed, raped or stabbed 10 times by now. Just as every member of your family.

    5. Just to put things into perspective lets look at the Stats produced by Europa and Nationwatch. These are the figures per 100,000 of population.
      Murder – SVK 1.65 – UK 1.25 your 67% more likely to murdered in Slovakia and 167 times more likely to be killed with a gun than in the UK. Svk has the 32nd highest incidence of rape in the world (UK 48th) Robbery – SVK 85.0 UK 74.0, Burglary – SVK – 90.0 UK – 92.0 ( we must have more things worth stealing!) Prisoners SVK 158.00 UK – 151.0 (That doesn’t include those releases by your president) The most interesting fugures are the number of solved crimes divided by the number of police which shows UK police solving 30.5 crimes per officer per year while the SVK police manage only 7.2 each. Too many police or just incompetent?

      1. Now wipe the foam off your mouth Crap and finally answer this question – Do the buses in London and Hull have free wifi?

        We know they don’t. You lied and you know it.

  2. Anyhow, an update, so Presov Mummy arrived and new girl daughter went to the Station to pick her up via the Porsche at the Station ….I had some work today , well actually handing out a few bottles of Scotch, to the men in power, so I avoided meeting `the chest` until after lunch . Fact is, she took one look at the huge Flat , commented how nice that and the car was …and she has made herself at home on my drinks cabinet . New girl says mum seems happy ….just dad to go now ..Further updates later ..

  3. Nadolig Llawen i chi gyd a pen blwydd hapus

    Nice day for a bit of parachuting DC, or driving in Arthur’s Porsche, flying my super cub/ if I still had it, or all three in one day. Just a thought chaps!

    1. Smug , I think you mean ………a blwyddyn newydd dda.

      Not `a pen blwydd hapus..thats Happy Birthday , not Happy New Year …..

      Have you been drinking that Irish already, you naughty boy ?

    2. Alec
      Iechyd da – all the best for the season.

      1. DC. Yn byw yn hir ac yn ffynnu. Boed i’r grym fod gyda chi !

        1. Lost me on that one old boy! but many thanks!

          Maisha marefu!

          1. Live long and Prosper . May the force be with you 😉

    3. Isn’t it wonderful Alec that 2 members of the nation which killed off your language are having such a good time by using it?

      Yeah, Crap D. performed parachuting without a parachute. Just by flapping his hands he landed safely on his bum. At least this is what he thinks.

      1. Loggie
        For your information: All of the old “celtic” languages are still taught in schools, Welsh, Irish Gealic, Scots Gealic and Cornish. If you ever travel beyond your village to the wondeful country of Wales you will see the language on road signs, police cars, buildings and in tourist information publications. I don’t know what the take up of the different national languages is but a believe it is growing in popularity in Wales. We in the UK, unlike here, celebrate our cultural differences. What a poor place the world would be without the power of the Welsh voice, the skirl of the pipes, the gentle lilt of Irish prose and er…….. Morris Dancing ( maybe not Morris Dancing)
        Also please use the correct English language – Nation = United Kingdom, Country – England, Wales etc.
        The last salutation I posted was in Swahili which comes from a country you most probably have never heard of – Plank!

        1. The languages are still taught in schools? How wonderful! 😀

          Did I say “nation”? I meant “bunch of morons”.

          1. “Use correct English language.” Seems like Crap you have no idea the English are a nation 😀 😀


            I know why you live in SVK – to learn something. A stupid man like you who uses lies as a working method must be a laughable sight over there in Presov – Plank!!

      2. Losgar,
        What exactly do you mean, killed off the language.You really shouldn’t speak such utter tripe.As you can see Dave and George are fully aware of the living language and are prepared to respond in a positive manner, which should give you and Juraj some inspiration. Welsh is the oldest spoken language in Europe, and was used in the land you now call Slovakia, whilst Slavic people were still grunting neanderthal and hunting mammoths somewhere in the North of Russia.
        Now as long as you Losgar and Juraj possess anul orrifices you will never even get 10 percent of the knowledge skills and experiences of the old grandpas that you refer to. Keep looking behind you boys, because the world is a small place.

        1. Smug , sadly Nobhead is trying to be funny and wordsmith provocative in English …something Slowvaks are very poor . It is perhaps something to do with the problems at Chernobyl, where a Slowvak tekkie ,was playing space invaders with the site atomic console and nearly blow up a huge hole in a country and that almost wiped out most of the Ukraine .

          The drift of the nuke pollution in any case drifted over to Slowvakia and effected the genes of all children born around or after that time, either turning them into retards, made them deformed, or wiped any sense of humour they had from their head files …Their is no cure for this kind of stupidity or for this ffycin cachu.

        2. Alec if a murderer is responding in a positive manner I would doubt his intentions. I still admire your forgiving attitude.

          The number of native spakers of all Gaelic languages has raised in the last 10 years from 1mil to 1,4mil. There might be still a hope.
          Good luck! – I mean it!!

  4. So This is Christmas and what have you done ? Another year over and we had plenty of fun. Another year over and Slowvaks are just as dumb. And so Happy Christmas, yes plenty of cheer , let hope it’s a good one, but Slowvakia don’t more make any real Beer .

    So to Presents to you all

    To DC …A Blunderbuss keep scattering the shot old chap .

    To Smug …..A wooly, striped jumper, and a flask of best Irish Whiskey to keep him warm by his smug log fire .

    To Expat ….A sense of humor failure, get me out of jail card free .

    To Loghead … An arrest warrant for murdering the English Language.

    To Juki … A set of photo of all the classic cars that I own. So he can enjoy himself in the toilet.

    To all others ..Well Guys and Galls there is a toast . Whilst I may screw Slowvaks over with my words on this forum…the better thing is, I actually get to screw one in real life as well .

    Merry Christmas Folks .

    1. Finally something nice from our English friends – a Merry Christmas note. After all you have some manners Georgina.

      Merry Christmas Georgina!

    2. George

      A Blunderbuss? I think I need a Vickers or better still a Long Nine and plenty of grape shot!

      Enjoy the break from the dolts!

      Cin, Cin

    3. A Blunderbuss?
      Need a Vickers really or a Long Nine and plenty of grape shot.

      Enjoy the break from the dolts!

      Cin, cin

    4. A Blunderbuss?
      Need a Vickers at least, or a Long Nine and plenty of grape shot!

      Enjoy the break from the dolts!

      Cin, cin

      1. Yes I get it, I just thought with a BB , and the short range, you will never ever miss the shot , as a Slowvak would and always just stand there still as you aim at him ? QED …dumcluck never know when to duck, or get out of the way of the bullet , fired at them .

        BTW , The website does seem to be playing upto day on comments …perhaps JB is fiddling with his knobs ….or someone is ?

        1. I posted the same comment three times to try and get some idea why Loggie keeps posting the same thing over and over again…………. Nah nothing!

  5. Loggie – many thanks to the articles published early 2011 – a bit more upto date than most of your links but check in a dictionary what the word “archive” means, failing that learn how to read dates.
    Juraj – Back to 2012 for us now.
    Status of the London (red) buses – check the operators web site, I find they know more about their vehicles than third or fourth parties, JOJ or the Slovak press.
    Green Buses – Haven’t got a clue why Birmingham has come into the frame. I presume that because you are a foriegn visitor to my country and devoid of any knowledge of recent history or custom you do not know that London County Buses were, and still are by people my age, the green buses ( green livery). Although now in the hands of private operators, the largest Activa and Stagecoach provide vehicles for many of the education contracts. Both firms have wifi enabled fleets – check their websites.
    FYI – All London taxis ( Black Cabs) should be wifi enabled by the end of next year.
    Anymore questions Grasshopper?
    BTW I still would like an answer to the question about to OSS / SOE soldiers.

    1. Dislexia Grandpa? Again?

      More and more crap over and over?
      You critisize me for posting links while you bother not?

      You want me to find an article that the London busses have a free wifi? You have to wait Grandpa because I have to write it first and then ask some newspapers to publish it.

      Give me the links Grandpa or are you already so senile that you keep forgetting where you read it? 😀

      1. Logie and Juraj
        If both of you are incapable of Googling “London Transport” and reading the information then all you have proved is that much of what George posts is true.

        Have a good Christmas the pair of you, give your arses a well deserved rest from being kicked!

        Na zdravie!

        1. LOL Dave C , you are a comedian. If you are incapable to send a SINGLE link to prove something which isn’t true – and you know it , then just carry on spreading the crap with your “paltolizacom” Georgom.
          Have a nice Christmas my lovely friend, I hope you will be more realistic the next year.

          1. Say Juki , would you like photo of my Doctor, along with the classic car shots ..You can really go to town in the smallest room in the house then?

        2. Listen my clever lovely friend,
          You probably mean TFL, (Transport for London) who manage public transport services across London.
          I have been involved on numerous technical projects for TFL , and I will be back in both-TFL HQ in Greenwich ,and TFL Palestra management office as well ,in late January.
          I will be more than happy to ask them when they plan to introduce WiFi to their buses- if you prefer this information from the Very first hand.

          So far I believe your confusion is coming from the London’s Pre-Olympic plan , when the officials wanted to install WiFi access points to all street lamp-posts but this didn’t happen to these days.
          Just to let you know, this still won’t work for the buses, as the WiFi authentications take 5-7 second and in that time the bus will access another point, and all proces will start again.
          But anyway,carry on spreading your viral bullshit further, Georgina will easily support you.

          1. Boy do you need to get laid Juki .

            Any luck with Mrs&MR B, POLICE RECORD yet??

          2. A Slovak involved with “numerous technical projects for TFL” ? So you wash buses? Explains much. TFL? I refer to London Transport which controls, owns and runs the red buses, light railways, trams, water buses and underground. The buses have been able to send live video to the security services while on the move for a number of years so what the hell are you on about. The lamposts, when enabled, are to provide city wide coverage but have nothing to do with any of the transport systems. BTW if a London bus can’t get wifi when moving how will the 50 BA buses do it? Oh I know, they will just be parked up in wifi zones and if you want to travel you have to get another one.
            Its good news BA is getting these buses but please don’t make some supernational issue out of it. The UK is, and always will be, years ahead of Neverneverland. I have heard of Palestra but I believe the lead company is Virgin mobile. My home city has had wifi buses for at least 3 years and they don’t loose connections.
            OK I give in BA, the dump on the Danube, will be the first city to have wifi buses – does that make you feel better, have your testicles enlarged. Keep reading the fairytales and get a grip.

          3. More crap again? More lies???

            Crap D. – you lied when you said that 8000 London buses have been having wifi since 2006.
            You lied about Churchill, you lied about the SVK national symbols, you lied about abortions, you lied about the SVK history, you lied about the UK SS, you lied basically about everything in SVK… you just can’t stop lying, can you?! Plank!!

          4. A lie, whats the harm ? What about the 60,000 jews Slowvakia sent to the gas chamber ?

      2. Loggie
        Wrote all the lines for Yoda you did?
        English construct you can’t.
        Still as you say, much improved it is!

    2. I didn’t get the answer , or a link which proves your lies DAVID C.

      So Again, DO all 8000 red buses in LONDON have WIFI installed?

      It will be simpler for you to say: ”Sorry, I have been talking crap”

      1. We already proved Juraj that it wasn’t in 2006, as the article from 2011 clearly says that maybe in 2012 the busses might have wifi.

        Grandpa admitting a mistake? NEVER!!

      2. Say Juki …did you enjoy the Car Photo ? All that mastication in the loo, must make you green with envy, as well as red in the face .

      3. Ok Juraj, Just for you, for Christmas:
        I am sorry you have been talking crap.

  6. Dave C,

    I can see you and George have both mastered ”Bullshitting” on this forum.
    You wrote:

    ” All 8,000 London Transport (red) buses have free broadband wifi, first started in 2006.
    All school (Green Buses) have free broadband wifi.”

    Really?? Where did you get that from? Even from 2006???
    NONE , again NONE of the London’s city buses have got WiFi installed at the moment.
    Can we see some news or links which support your claim , Please?
    There were some announcements about this plan to be finished before olympics , but this has failed.
    Regarding ”All school (Green Buses) in London have free broadband wifi.” , ALL I can just say is that this is one of your WALOB’s again , as BTW these 23 buses operate in Birmingham , and not in London!

    1. DC, can you pass the loo paper , that Slowvak bum wipe has arrived again …

  7. George M

    Interesting comment: BTW, My current comes from round there originally???
    So you have a meal ticket girlfriend also? strange!!!!

    Second interesting comment: .you could be banned soon …New Ownership perhaps ? New ownership??? not possible firstly, who would buy this copy and paste portal!! secondly talking about someone being banned??? are you sure your not being paid for the provoking crap you write??

    1. Cowpat, for someone who cannot change a plug, but claims to be an Uni Engineer, who cannot form a joined up English sentence, but claims to be from America and if I ever need a brain transplant, I’d choose yours because I’d want a brain that had never been totally used ….I just wonder why your wife married you, so did you believe you married Mrs Right.

      But you just didn’t know her first name was Always.?


    Yeah everything is done on larger scale in the UK. Especially the bullshlttlng. Right clowns???

  9. I have to say after commenting on this web site for the last 10 months my English has improved. I’m doing fewer slips for sure and my vocabulary went up.

    And the big thanks for all of that goes to the 2 people, my dear English friends, who have always been there for me and nearly always replied to my comments.

    Clown No.1 – GEORGE M.
    Clown No.2 – DAVE C.


    I would like to invite more people from SVK or any other other country to come and join me here. It’s for free and it’s fun! 😀

    1. Don`t hold your breath Nob….you could be banned soon …New Ownership perhaps ?

    2. Well said Loggie.
      New members always welcome. The more fish in the barrel the easier it is to shoot them and I just love target rich environments.

      1. Thanks for the new vocab Grandpa!

        “Target free environments”…..hmmm, interesting 😀

        1. My God, we all be holding hands,singing in a circle and into group mastication next …Not sharing my gum with anyone .

    3. I have to say It is a good fun too Losgar. It does shorten some of those boring days in the office when I am not fancy to go out due to amazing British weather.
      And no Losgar, your English is great and clearly far behind “understandable level” . Our English friends here just trying to pick on you. I wish all those foreign doctors, IT specialists, hotel staf, etc., here in UK speak as god as you.

      1. Juki, Nob is writing, posting, not speaking ???

        I note also Nob, has gone up a few levels in your perverted sad mind …but `god` he is not .

        BTW, just been told some bad news, Slowvak mother is coming by train tomorrow, because she will not see here little love over Christmas . The big bad Hospital is making her daughter work ( not really ) over 24/25 and I am dragging her off to Pizzo from the 27th for the New Year, rather than we go to Prevov …the mind boggles . Seems Dad is coming too via a Brno business trip…it appears he is a mini Jan Slota, so am already hiding the booze and taking down the St George flags .

        Mind you I was shown a photo of mom yesterday and I can see who got who`s genes …if you get my drift . Chin Chin

  10. Wifi on busses, with 64k of bandwidth, one person will be able to watch youtube!

    Free Wifi in the City….that would be better!

    1. Correct Cowpat….but should people not making business deals on the bus phones, rather that watching porn or Justin Bieber?

      Btw, how is the trouble and strife today …happy when you came home late ?

      1. we all now know what are you searching on internet…

        1. Gosh Pete, what an enlightened guy you are ….do you have any English in you …..?

          I am sure I know a few UK gay friends that could put some English in you ?

          1. Georgik, how many languages are you able to use on at least understandeable level?

          2. Pete …

            English equals 90 used by different countries, French equals used 48 different countries, German equals 3/4 in the EU and of course Slovak used by just the one ….

            BTW. Please dont tell me you know English Pete …my German Shepherd dog has a better command of the English language .

          3. Yep, and that`s mean that you re just lucky boy. Because you born in UK. Everything what you have to do to study foreigh languages is to buy a german shepart dog! good job! really.

          4. Pete, let me tell you . I know a Slowvak guy and he tells jokes, in English to a group of Austrians, Dutch I know …no one ever find his jokes funny ?

            What I love about male Slowvaks, is there total lack of command of the English Language when they believe the do have a good command .

            Slowvak males talk to you in mono tone, all at one speed, no expression and always think they will educate you with their Ing, Mgr .. but actually sound like Yoda from Star Wars What say you? Here come you ..Try not, do or do not, there is no try. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose Bla de Bla .

            The Dolls on the other hand, are quite cute and at least have some expression in the voice even they get all the V&W wrong . ie Vere are you vorking ? …..Vot did you say ? ……Vere do you go ? etc

          5. Well the other news service seems to have closed down, for Christmas …as it would appear so has this one, but some of us can read the other News ..

            Most Migrants in Slovakia are from Somalia
            Today is the International Migrants day. This year 680 foreigners applied for asylum in Slovakia. More than 200 applications, come from Somalia.

            Slovaks have Low Salaries
            Slovaks have the third lowest salaries among the Visegrad Group countries – which are Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The average monthly wage of a resident of Slovakia was €777 in 2011. Poles earned €812 .

            Slovak Christmas will be mean .
            When it comes to Christmas, Slovaks proved to be rather traditional. Almost three-quarters of Slovaks are planning to spend the holiday time at home with their families following local Christmas traditions

            Slovak Ski Resorts Expect Thousands of Russian Tourists
            Ski vacations in Slovakia are likely to attract even greater numbers of tourists from Russia and Ukraine this winter when compared to the 2011/2012 .

            Kinda makes me glad I am off to Italy in a few days .

          6. georgie, i really would like to hear you to speak slovak language… i’m sure i’ll have a great fun for a good couple of days. but the truth is, it will takes at least 10 years for you, to speak slovak perfectly. with the expression, diferent speed etc. and than i will laugh, after all that 10 years of your education, when some guy from kosice or trnava will come to you and start talk and you’ll be completely lost, because you won’t understand. slovak language is one of the most dificult languages of the world, did you know that? and english is easy. but you can ask your boobie friend. 😉

          7. Mo, I know how hard Slowvak is …yes I get it wrong, yes I get pissed off when someone replies to me in German or English …but I do get points for trying ….or Boobies should I say .

      2. I don’t foolow your Came home Late comment, George… Why do I even bother?

        1. Perhaps you came late on a bus?

  11. Actually Mo, I am about to connect to my own personal Wi-fi on a number 38 Bustes …the last thing I am considering is London Buses ….The only thing I can be can be certain, is that I know , as always two Bustes will come along together ….get a another Brit to explain the joke .

    Nite …

  12. How the hell are you going to work a laptop or other device on Bratislava bus? These Driver guys all drive at breakneck speed between stops, stop, start and we all bounce along in the seats on the roads full of holes ???

    1. has any london buses a free wifi, georgie?

      1. They doesn`t. They have their nice UK buses made {designed} about 100 years ago! Do you think that the UK knows wifi 100 years ago? i doubt.

        1. Blimmy Pete , you have petrol driven Buses in Slowvakia 100 year ago …OMG what an advance race you were then ….now you are the scrapings of the barrel …but hey at least the barrel has wi-fi .

          1. Pete , old son. For some reason, and as you keep repeating it, over and over again, you must believe the words `Budy`, will upset me?

            Nothing of course, could be further from the truth …I find it kinda sweet and charming, this coming from the website pet chimp. A bit like when I call you ahfukintwat ….don`t it make you go all shivery inside, eh ?

          2. Bit touchy tonight Arthur. Must be her indoors giving you a bit of bubble and leaf.Or has the potential mother in law heard about your assets and fancies a bit of extraterrestrial action, given you must be about the same age that is.Peter probably thinks you are Buddhist and he is only trying to be friendly.

          3. Actually, Smug …first frank exchange of views discussion we have had, yes the sunny Slowvak demands of parents Christmas arrangements . It appears mother has demanded to daughter , that we drive all the way to Presov to meet on Christmas eve ….

            1) I have no real to meet mom or dad at this stage of the relationship or spend the 24th eating Kapusta and carp, my least fav of meals .
            2) I have several homes of my own, where I can put my feet up on the 24th, 25th and 26th and not have a 6 hour drive to the arse end of the world .
            3 ) We leave for Calabria, the toe of Italy on the 27th, where my all kids and adopted troupe are coming for the new year .

            We reached a compromise an hour ago …she has to go to work .

        2. Peter and mony
          All 8,000 London Transport (red) buses have free broadband wifi, first started in 2006.
          All school (Green Buses) have free broadband wifi.
          London will be the worlds first broadband wifi capital by 2015 with 100% coverage above and below ground.
          WiFi on mainline and commuter trains is still a bit hit and miss, all stations have free Wifi.

          1. All 8,000 London Transport (red) buses have free

            Perhaps that is why Slowvaks women admire British Guys …everything on a much larger scale ….

            Can you ever imagine the Olympics coming to tiny weeny Slovakia ….??

          2. That`s what i would expect from UK as a country of high tech… But i would not expect such coments from you or Mr. Georghina!
            Don`t you have anything more important to work?
            Georghina you might sell one of your cars {in scale 1:72} and buy another bus with Wifi. You might shut hell up afterwards!

          3. Hate, Jealousy of a better, more noble people bites you as well Pete …..

            Remember the Deaf Olympics that never was in Slowvakia …your man ran off with everyones money …

          4. georgie, do we really need the olympics? what is it good for? just to show people, we are rich enough to have them? wake up, it’s recesion. ask millions outside london, how that olympics helped them…
            you know, why so many slovak women admire british? because a lots of them are first time abroad and you’re something new for them. it’s the same, if some british women go to spain, or canary for holidays. it’s like a rule for them to have a romance with a native. so don’t be so proud on yourself, it’s not about the british guys, it’s about something new. a woman, which do that, would do the same with an italian guy in italy, or spaniard in spain… 😛

          5. yes and what? He is now in jail. Are you lazy to find some similar cases in UK?
            Oh, sorry you`re here just to blaim on Slovaks budy!

          6. Mo could be right …I am not up to the female mind …I do know how ever that the more educated Slowvak woman seem to find an Brit or an American ….rather than the dimbo`s or panalak types, who find the greasy dago`s .

    2. Georgina ,

      Have you ever heard about something called “Smartphone” ?

      ..they usually have WIFI ?

      1. I that the one where you have to press the phone upto your nose, to read any script ?

    3. George
      Agree, bit like an ashtray on a motorbike!
      Whats the longest journey you can make in BA? suspect there would no time for Loggie and the Clones to Google anything and actually read it.
      Bad news here if Presov gets wifi public transport, currently any local shouting down their phone or SMSing suffers from full body paralysis and can’t get out of the way of people wanting to get on/off. Apparently standing, breathing and texting is multi-tasking and a bit like the old Windows 3.1.1. OS, open another task and the system crashes.

      1. You have real Buses in Presov, without being horse drawn ?? Blimmy, when did that happen ?

        BTW, My current comes from round there originally …the mother sounds a real dragon on the phone …I wounder if she has blue or red rinsed hair ???

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