Fico plans no-confidence vote for health minister

Even though Robert Fico said earlier that he and his party would not try to recall health minister Ivan Uhliarik over the recent Pfizer affair, he announced yesterday that they would now try to oust Uhliarik from his ministerial post by calling for a vote of no-confidence at the beginning of February.

Fico claims his party was motivated to take the step also because some MPs from coalition parties SaS and Most-Hid have allegedly expressed disapproval with the soft stance the PM took to the matter. After a three-hour chat with minister Uhliarik from the KDH party, she expressed her continued trust in him.

Fico claimed that the PM took this position because of pressure from coalition partner KDH, and over fear that it could rock the coalition if she recalled their minister.  “What she did is inexcusable” reacted Fico.

Fico also said he would be curious to see how the other two coalition parties SaS and Most-Hid would approach the issue.

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