Fico’s Former Advisor Machala on Charges for Assault

The police look set to slap assault charges on former advisor to PM Robert Fico, Drahoslav Machala, after CCTV cameras revealed that he did in fact attack Slovak writer Tomas Janovic as claimed, reports an article in today’s daily SME.

Scene of the incident - Post Office on SNP, Bratislava (c) The

Machala, who denied any such incident, will only be at risk of a fine of around EUR 100 for his lack of self-control outside the main post office in Bratislava in April, which saw 75-yr old Janovic and his wife thrown to the ground. The video evidence was enough for the police to press charges. Machala is now not expected to be included in the team of PM Robert Fico.

Machala was formerly in the communist secret police StB and Janovic says Machala has had a personal dislike towards him for years, probably because he is not so keen on what Janovic has written in the past.  Janovic responded to the initial verbal abuse in the street scuffle by referring to Machala’s alleged codename for the communist secret police STB, saying “Give my regards to Pamir”. Janovic and his wife were then taken to hospital by their daughter and the incident reported to the police.


  1. Blimmy, are we going to throw ALL male Ayran Slovaks into jail then ? As you say DC, as most bully boy Slovaks, he has neither the moral fibre, backbone or integrity to admit to their wrong doings.

  2. Oh so true, Jessica.
    No doubt he was a big macho hero when he was spying on people, ruining lives and doing God knows what to his fellow Slovaks.
    Like most bully boys he has neither the moral fibre, backbone or integrity to admit to his wrong doings.
    Beating up pensioners in the street – 15 years breaking rocks – he has no place in Slovak society.

  3. Machala denied the hysterics tantrum, to be disproven by security cameras? That’s not even brazen political posturing: its just flaccid cowardice.

  4. The victims …..oh they get to see that Slovak justice has been done .

    sorry , ….ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  5. I agree with you Dave. Eur 100 that nothing and what about the victim what comp do they get if any?

  6. Eur 100 fine – Joke! 5 years breaking rocks, at least. Romania had the right idea with former commies and their secret police – a wall and a bullet!

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