First Visit to Hungary by Slovak President in 9 Years

President Ivan Gasparovic

Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič will head south of the border on an official visit to Hungary on 19-20 February, breaking a nine year gap, the President’s website informs.

The Slovak president is set to meet with his Hungarian counterpart János Áder and with Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán to discuss bilateral issues, and regional and European co-operation, in the hope of boosting relations between Bratislava and Budapest. Gasparovic will also meet up with ethnic Slovaks living in Hungary.


  1. It appear the Pres gets ever more bonkers and paranoid. Talk about intimidation and bullying. Nothing ever changes here ….

    The President’s Office has filed a criminal complaint, for the CRIME? of libel, but no specific person has been charged so far and in the words of the spokesperson Marek `I wear a very loud bow tie` Trubac, the offending blog spreads rumour`s on how the president killed a man. errrr, , no the blog questions the where about`s of Ivan when the guy was killed …a valid question, as he was there, no ?

    Police initiated a prosecution in connection with a blog called Murderers Among Us, which opened a debate over Gasparovic’s whereabouts at the time of a hunting trip, during which a poor forester was fatally shot by accident, nudge, nudge, wink, wink eh ?

    This prosecution come from a man that pushes woman Prime Ministers out of his way to lifts, when at International Hockey Matches and could not think of any real good reason, not to appoint a man to his post, when properly and democratically elected by Parliament ….

    What a sensitive guy eh?

    1. George – The duffer is coming to the end of his term. Nothing to look forward to except having to pay to get into ice-hockey matches. He’s taken a leaf out of Toadies book and will no doubt devote much of his remaining time to lining his own pocket by bringing spurious court action against all and sundry for besmirching his “good name” – whatever that is.

  2. BTW, does anyone know what has happened to Goggle me Loghead and Dippy Cowpat these days ? Perhaps CP`s other `alf really did chop the nuts ?

  3. I wonder if he will fly to Budapest, in one of his 3 ‘money pit’ planes that sit on the tarmac at BTS, with the 2 1/2 crews on 24hr standby. Or to save a few 100,000 euro, and share in the pain of his underpaid, over taxed citizens, and go by coach.
    Of course the press will have to make their own way there, instead of flying with him!!!

    1. Oh the Press ? Will they even both to go ? Perhaps they will use a Journalist Stringer, or TASR or SITA ?

  4. …or even try to speak in another language other then Slowvak .

    Actually, 9 years is awful long time not to meet your masters …I though dogs and owners always had a close living relationship ?

    On a funnier note , I see Jo the Rat is resigning his post as Pope . That will cause a lot of hand wringing in parts of Slowvakia . Laughingly, missing the entire point of the how totally inept this period has been the Church and for this this man as Pope …Slovak diplomacy said in a press statement, that they appreciate the all-round effort of Holy Father to address the problems plaguing humanity and foster the dialogue between cultures and religions…errrr where ? He started his term as a Jew hater . President Gasparovic received the news of the resignation made by Pope with surprise, well no real surprise there, as Ivan is always behind the game and amazingly opened his stupid gob again without thinking, stating that the Pope represents the strong moral authority of the Catholic Church, well huh?????????

    Similar opinions have been expressed by PM Bob Fico and KDH chairman Jan Figel … they bent over and kissed their own bums …

  5. …or take a hunting rife and shoot anyone .

    1. Or god forbid speak

  6. How nice , perhaps he can borrow the Dean of Komenius university’s new car. On the condition of course he doesn’t get any breadcrumbs on the seats..

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