Get Fit with Crossfit in the Park

Work hard, play hard is the philosophy of many in the city deemed “Partyslava” by foreigners and locals alike. Fun yes, healthy…. not so much, but there is a solution to balancing out the office cabin fever and weekend all nighters. A fitness program called Crossfit well known in the western world has recently taken Bratislava by storm producing a few strong followings of workout groups throughout the city.

Crossfit consists of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement,” with the stated goal of improving overall fitness. Other than using your own natural body weight during a 1-2 hour workout including running, sit ups pushups & squats, some common activities include kettle bell dead lifts, overhead swings, Bulgarian bag training and burpees (a push up jumping jack combination).

So if you are looking to get or stay fit while meeting a variety of friendly and multi-cultural people join one of the regular crossfit groups at the medical gardens (Medická záhrada). See schedule below:

Monday 6:15pm – 8:00pm

Wednesday 6:15pm – 8:00pm

Friday 6:15pm – 8:00pm

There is a 2€ trainer fee.

Find more details on the MEETus Fitness Facebook page –


  1. Whilst the somewhat over robust response to what were quite innocent inquiry questions did make me smile ( especially the feisty Lucy, that declared her love for everything that is Paul ) perhaps we can end this thread on a very cautionary note, brought up by DC.

    Whilst sitting on Ba Park bench reading a boring book one hot summers day last year, I was partly watching a small group of young people, doing some Asian transcendental thing, ie. quietly doing nothing under the shade of a tree. Suddenly, the City Police arrived to cause some disruption and argument that went on for some 20 minutes. Id cards where shown, names were taken down, and the police left and so did too, started the young people . I asked, what appeared to be the leader of this group, what had happened ? He told me that they were told by the Police, they need a Permit to hold such an event in a Public Park, so they must stop and they could expect a fine ????

    Oh hum eh ?

  2. NY – I agree, the lack of meaty articles has led to this current spate of comments on park activities but there have been some valid points raised on both sides of the debate.
    D.E. on permits – I don’t know the “rules” in BA but over here wedding photographers, artists and musicians need a permit and must pay a fee to use the public park or any public space – why I don’t know.
    The original article ( advert?) states the 2 Euros is a trainers fee but it would appear that it is actually a donation for the purchase of equipment – slight difference.
    Lukas – You quite rightly seek medical assistance if you get injured but Slovakia has yet to experience another US export – the ambulance chasing litigation lawyers. I’d also check the small print on your health insurance – you may not be covered for this type of activity.
    I’m all for any activity that brings people and cultures together and this idea, although not my cup of tea, appears to fit the bill. Good luck to you all, enjoy, but watch some non-job come and spoil it for you.

  3. how boring news have been lately that discussions are taking place over a stupid park activity, this news site needs to start bringing in much more relevant stuff

    1. you can expect normal and improved service to resume soon

  4. I am glad to see that my summer away has not dulled the full throated rants of the sane and addled alike. The idea that capitalism has raised such a lather (and that 2 euros could drive some to the height of outrage) reassures me that I am safely ensconced back in the Slovak heartland. Anyone have 5 Crowns for a single square of toilet paper?

  5. Lukas, perhaps you have not been in Slovakia very long, or lived a very sheltered life …The Police ( thousands of em ) spend there entire working day making a `crime` from any kind of small event , so some official can blame some one rather than take any responsiblility themselves and it keeps the police looking always busy and the court system ( thousands of Woman Judges ) such needed people .

    BTW , what happened to the feisty Lucy ….did Paul gag her with the Bulgarian bag?

  6. I dont know about you but when i injure myself, i call ambulance and not police

  7. ………..and what about insurance ? Do you think if there is a serious injury, or someone has a stroke. or a heart attack, whilst at this gig ? I mean that never ever happens does it ????….Do you believe `Oh were just a few mates jumping up and down and with all that equipment laying around, is gonna wash with the Police or the Public Prosecutor ? Then there could be a Tax investigation and so and so on ….Hindsight chaps !

    Paul`s sarcastic and diligent approach to what is actually a serious health risk, just about sums up why this not the best idea, without the proper documents,permits and paperwork .

    BTW. D.E and Lucas you need a Permit to even fart in a Bratislava Park or Public Place ……I speak from bitter experience .

  8. we will see patrick, hopefully your performance will be atleast half as strong as your words….

  9. I’m with George on this one. Two euros for an intense workout is preposterous, that two euros could buy 2 ketchup packets, 4 billa bags, a bathroom pass, and 3 or 4 cubes of ice. Clearly an American enterprise more than willing to take advantage of others. George is right, I share his ire of someone having the nerve to lead a workout session without proper permits, and profiting from it. George, you find the English phone number for Bratislava City Parks and file a former complaint. Don’t forget to check strankovy den and required documentation/ kolky. As for me, I am going to Medical Gardens today to try and put an end to this. Two euros for a useless workout… American stupidity at its worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few Bratislava Monarchs American Football players there.

  10. *2. Public meanS

    *3 We pay 2 euro so we can buy…


  11. 1. Its a public park so what permission??? Public mean everyone can go there

    2. Our trainer is a profesional trainer

    3. We pay 2 euro is so we can buy new equipment (we all agreed on that)

    4. You are more than welcome to come “jump up and down” with us to see what crossfit is really about


  12. OK George M,

    You win, I guess we will all stop going to the park with our friends now to exercise, your logic has overpowered the masses and we are all gonna sit at home commenting about physical fitness all day rather than do anything as that is the safer option available.

    And I guess all the people in the world meeting in public parks better take notice! George M is gonna get you locked up if you organize any type of meeting involving pocket change. Modern society as we know it is gonna crumble because of all these hooligans in parks jumping up and down in between real coordinated workouts.

    So George can we get on with our lives now, will you be able to sleep at night now knowing your superiority in clearly common knowledge has finally been recognized!

    Take care mate!

  13. Me, fighting ???…so you don`t actually have a Permit to use the Park, a legal business entity. or any medical or other official `training` certificate then ?

    I ( and I will say others here ) perhaps are just wondering why anyone would pay you , say circa 500 euro a month ( 10 people x 3 wk sessions x 2 euro x 4 weeks ) , just to jump up and down in the park ..sorry would a absolutely high performance training that I would not be able to put together on my own and that puts together fun, quality, benefiting workout for people, that it is errr positive and creative. Am I now reading from the pamphlet correctly ?

    1. Hilarious!!! You guys should just stop responding to George because he’s not seriously serious, and he is having fun toying with you. He CANNOT be serious when he suggests that you need a permit to use a public park. HAHAAA!!! There has been absolutely no attempt to charge anyone for access to the park, nor to secure monetary gain through any organized “business” that is using the park’s address.
      If you happen to be in a public park with your own personal bicycle, frisbee, footbal, or i don’t know… KETTLEBELL! You are not breaking any rules if you accept a couple euro on my behalf to share it with me.
      There is no “legal business entity” – there is a group of people that have arranged to meet in a public place, at a certain time, and at the end offer a donation to the person that took the time out to make the necessary arrangements.
      As far as I know, you do not tax a donation – or is that some money extracting Slovak idea??
      “Pamphlet” – HAHAA that is a healthy dose of humor right there!

    2. George, where did you learned math? 🙂

  14. Some people clearly have nothing better to do…. – George

    There was not a shred of negativity in this article until some people felt it necessary to bring their unnecessary comments to the equation. I don’t admonish peoples right to have their own perspective or view on anything, I actually will 110% support it 24/7.

    But what motive is there to down on a group of people, anywhere, from any culture partaking in an activity with the goal of maintaining health and physical fitness. WHO CARES if someone chooses to pay for it or not, WHO CARES what form of exercise it is.

    Clearly George you are just out looking for a fight and although I cant fathom what happened to you or who treated you so badly that you feel the need to act out this way I can still respect your view which is yours to have.

    But please don’t come out here trying to put a negative light on something that has not warranted such unnecessary criticism. (and if you are going to do it anyway, then at least be an adult about it and leave petty jabs like your last comment out of it)

  15. You`re not in Love with Paul by any chance ?

  16. George I don’t think that anybody is talking about jumping up and down over here. You might have mistaken Crossfit with different kind of workout that I have never heard of.
    No I would not pay 2 EURO for jumping up and down. Yes I would absolutely pay 2 EURO for 2 hour high performance training that I would not be able to put together on my own.
    And I personally think if somebody puts together fun, quality, benefiting workout for people, it is positive and creative. And if you are not willing to reward this individual for the effort, time and equipment they provide you with 2EURO, then you are most welcome to find other place to workout.

  17. Any creative idea that is brought by open minded people trying to do SOMEthing positive over here is swamped by negative people that are trying to find whatever can be wrong about it. You can do the most amazing things and there is always going to be a hater that will try to bring you down. This happens everywhere and to everybody, however Slovakia is known worldwide (which is VERY sad) for this negative mind set, so reaction of some of you guys doesnt surprise me at all – just make me smile.
    My opinion is – the people who put together this 2hrs long workout session deserve the 2 EURO from you, for the effort and thought they put in and for leading you through the session. I would love to see any of you do this for free. If thats too much to ask, you are free to go and workout in the park on your own.

  18. “Meeting a variety of friendly and multi-cultural people, I can meet at the Pub, Cafe or Nightclub and for free” – Where is this free bar you speak of?

    Last I checked there was no such thing, but if there was I bet it would be one of those stupid corporate franchise American ideas…. Crazy Americans!

    1. Well paul, let`s hope you have a Permit to operate a fee paying business in Bratislava Public park ?

      Oh no ……………???

    2. Lucy, you feel paying 2 euro to do jumping up & down in a Public park,is being open minded and trying to do something positive?

      I guess everyone is can have an opinion, even those that are challenged .

  19. ~the supporting atmosphere of others you workout with ~~

    So you actually want them to pay for the air they breath ???

    As LGG says, this just has to be another corporate franchise American idea …

  20. Well looks like Lady GaGa, George, and Dave are not coming… does anyone care? Nope! “Declare income and pay taxes” hahaha don’t be ridiculous!!!

  21. So the sessions are held in a public park but you have to pay a trainers fee? Presume this is to cover the costs payable to the local council for using their venue? Are the trainers “qualified”, do they have a business letter?, do they declare the income and pay taxes and insurances?
    I’m with George and Lady Ga Ga on this one – its an exercise in extracting money from folks.

    1. You pay for the training, the supporting atmosphere of others you workout with and the equipment brought to the park for your use during the session. You go to the pub for the social atmosphere encouraging you to take another shot, this is a bit different, its all about your preference.

      Training fees are normal, its not about the moral support, its about making sure your technique is correct so you don’t either waste your time doing something wrong that will yield little to no results or so you don’t injure yourself.

      This is clearly not going to be for everyone, but the people who do go know what they are paying for and get their return on investment for sure.

  22. I think we all had the same thoughts about the cost/price/etc on last years gig advert Lady Ga Ga.

  23. 2 euro ????? What for running, sit ups pushups & squats, some common activities include kettle bell dead lifts, overhead swings, Bulgarian bag training and burpees in the Park ? Where is the 2 euro cost in that ?

    Meeting a variety of friendly and multi-cultural people, I can meet at the Pub, Cafe or Nightclub and for free j Must be an American idea, as all extract money making scheme .

    1. HAHAA!!! American idea?!?! Slovakia is a land where you pay for ketchup packets, pay to use the toilet, and pay for a glass of water – all things that would never cross an American’s mind to charge someone for! Trainers are not free ANYWHERE, but if they were… why would you expect them to be free in Bratislava of all places?!?!
      The 2 euro is to compensate the trainer for the time and effort it takes to put together a consistently rigorous and varied workout routine. It is more than reasonable.

      1. Ever thought about phoning a few pals and having a run in the park for free? I guess you guys must all be Joana Loners or Bobby no mates ?

  24. Did we not do this meet and greet advert last year ?

    Is the 2 euro fee per week or per session ?

    1. It is 2 euro per session.

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