HSBC Leaves Slovak Market After 7 Years

HSBC (c) Andrevruas

Today’s issue of economic daily Hospodarske Noviny reveals that HSBC Bank has opted to leave the Slovak banking sector, the first major player to do so.

The daily says the bank wants to concentrate on more affluent Asian markets, and Slovakia was pinpointed after an analysis was made of individual branches and segments that the bank operates in. HSBC entered the Slovak market back in 2005, and will continue to serve existing customers in the country, even though its 20-strong staff will all be sacked.


  1. Does anyone know why we are suddenly moderating all comments ? Do we have a phantom spammer, or is Loghead still getting his dander up, because he believe the Editor love me ?

  2. Actually chaps, that was the point I was making . This is really yet another non news story, and who among us even used HSBC in Slovakia ?

  3. HSBS never provided retail banking in Slovakia, only banking for large business. And there was only one branch in Bratislava for whole country. So why are you surprised?

  4. The worst thing about these kind of news is that the current bank services will never reach world class standards without the proper competition stealing their unhappy customers. So, we are left with the same shitty customer service that this nation offers.

  5. Perhaps the HSBC bank was too honest to do business here ? Were they charging the same cartel bank charges pcm, as Tatra, CSOB etc ?

    I get the feeling this website is getting a bit stale, with recycled boring financial and govenment stats crap, just to fill the daily void . What happened to all the amusing articles and OTT story`s ? You know , a stinking Gypsy ate my hamster . A Turd actually found in Minsters a**hole …we will not even have classic lines from Jan Slota to amuse us all soon .

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