Mafia offer EUR 200,000 for names of witnesses

It seems like the Slovak ‘Mafia’, as they are referred to, liked the idea of interior minister Daniel Lipsic to hand out rewards to informers, as they have now allegedly offered up their own reward for information about new witnesses in a case.

According to television channel TV Markiza, some Mafia group in Bratislava has put up a handsome reward for anyone supplying them with the names of new witnesses in the murder case of student Daniel Tupy, who was murdered with no real motive while out with friends for the evening back in November 2005.

TV Markiza news reported that two separate sources had confirmed that EUR 200,000 had been put up as a dangling carrot for anyone lacking the scruples for justice. The father of the murdered student said that the police should maybe not have disclosed information that progress was being made in the case and that they had possibly four new testimonies. Lipsic mentioned the new testimonies at a remembrance ceremony in November 2010.

The interior minister is strongly convinced, though, that the police are loyal and that nobody with access to the case will be drawn in by the lure of the money on offer. Considering the high level of corruption still ripe in Slovakia, we can only hope that he is right, for the sake of the new witnesses and of justice itself.

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