Matovic Finally Registers New Party

MP Igor Matovic (c) The Daily

Controversial independent MP Igor Matovic has finally registered his political party after former nationalist MP Vitazoslav Moric registered the name Obycajni Ludia (Ordinary People) out of spite.

Instead, Matovic has called his party Obycajni Ludia a nezávislé osobnosti (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities) instead, with the registration process at the Ministry of Interior taking place on Friday.

Matovic now has one month to convene the initial congress for the party, at which it will appoint the party chairman and other posts. Matovic is hoping his party will get into parliament in the March 2012 elections and it should be a collection of independents who will not be bound down by party policies, but who will make their own stances and decisions about laws in parliament.

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