Miklos presents draft budget for 2011

The final draft of the Slovak state budget for 2011 was presented by finance minister Ivan Miklos today.

It quotes total receipts at EUR 13.092 billion next year, with expenses projected at EUR 16.916 billion, thereby producing a deficit of EUR 3.823 billion.

The government will discuss the draft budget at its next session on Wednesday 6 October, but first it will be given a good seeing to by the Tripartite partners on Monday (i.e. discussions between the government, trade unions and employers).

The final deadline of 15 October should therefore be respected, declared Ministry of Finance spokesman, Martin Jaros. The date of 30 September was set for the Ministry of Finance so that it could be put to parliament by the official 15 October deadline.

Among other things, the budget allocates EUR 1.045 billion to local and regional budgets and EUR 24 million to a special reserve fund.

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