Ministry Not Engaged on New Mobile Operator Rules

Daily SME today draws attention to how the Ministry of Transport failed to deal with the EU Directive laying down the rules for mobile phone operators, with the result that people in Slovakia still have certain disadvantages.

The Directive makes transferring the same phone number between operators easier and swifter and also caps the length of contracts with mobile operators at one year. Some providers in Slovakia chain their customers down for three years.

Thanks to the inactivity of the Ministry, people in Slovakia will not enjoy the benefits of the new rules until January next year, because parliament will not deal with it now until September and the legislative process takes time.

Why the inactivity? Nobody knows, but maybe operators have been lobbying in the background to postpone the measures so they could conclude as many contracts as possible for lengthier binding periods in what is one of the most lucrative business in the country. Someone has to pay for all those brainwashing adverts, after all.

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