Monarchs Welcome Budapest Cowboys this Weekend

The road to the CEI championship game is going through Bratislava this Saturday (June 9th) as the Monarchs (1-1) face the Budapest Cowboys (0-1). The Monarchs hope to utilize home field advantage as the winner of this showdown wins a date with the Nyiregyhaza Tigers in the CEI Bowl on July 7th.

After defeating the Cowboys in overtime (40-37) two weeks ago, the Tigers have secured first place in the league and their trip to the championship game. That loss for the Cowboys coupled with a close win for the Monarchs against the Gyor Sharks on the same weekend leaves 2nd place up for grabs. The Cowboys concurrently play in the second division of the Hungarian American Football League (MAFSZ) where they are leading the pack with a perfect record of 5-0. Needless to say, the Monarchs will have their work cut out for them. Despite the injuries that have plagued the Monarchs all season; they are confident that they can use their young talent and veteran leadership to go toe-to-toe with the Cowboys. In America we call this a “can do” attitude, and it’s a necessity in this game. Hopefully this attitude is contagious and spreads to the service sector of Bratislava and pretty soon things that were once “impossible” will become a reality. Restaurants will be able to make something that is not on the menu. The tax office will accept documents on a non-strankovy den. Shops and bars will have change for 20 euro bank notes. It would be a thing of beauty. Besides talent and attitude, the Monarchs would also love to have some help from the 12th man. That’s you and your friends. So you are cordially invited to Monarchs Stadium to watch the game and make some noise. A little 12th man can go a long way. The game is on Saturday, June 9th at 3:00PM. The address of the stadium is Nobelova 14 in Nove Mesto, Bratislava.

Photo Courtesy of Marek Wild

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