Hockey players in the streets (c) The

Nation Hopeful About Game Against Canada

The Slovak hockey team battled its way to a 5-4 win over France on Tuesday, securing a place in the quarter finals of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, but the opposition is tough as they take on favourites Canada at 12.00 today.

Hockey players in the streets (c) The
Canada stands in the way of Slovak celebrations (c) The

It has been a five-year wait for the Slovak hockey team to get past the group stage, but now they are hopeful that they have what it takes to beat the Canadians, but everyone knows that is never an easy task. The Slovak team beat the French in an enthralling match thanks to the final goal by Branko Radivojevič in the third period.


  1. I believe it was the US reserve, reserve Ice Hockey team they beat 4-2 , so dont be too excited . As for the Loghead, I suspect he is busy currently having his shirt lifted by some gentleman friend of his ?

    Yes a good result to win. Sport is littered with strange against the current odds results like this. I guess even a Slovak dog has to have its day .

  2. Well done Slovensko team what a game. Well GM who can’t play hockey eat you words. We are going all the way.

  3. Canada 3 – Slovakia 4……. Need I say more? GM…suppose we aren’t so bad at Hockey afterall!

  4. where is that guy Loghead now and his super confidence in the Slovensko team?

  5. They beat the USA 4 to2 so they have beaten one of the top teams in the world George. Check the resuts mate. We lost to canada 3 to 2 in a hard fought game.

  6. Let me get this right , so far in this IHFF-WC, Super Slovakia have beaten the hapless Swiss 1-0 , the terrible Bells and a French team just 5-4 , who were almost relegated last year . So Slovensko have not beaten a team in the top 10 .

    Beating Canada is a bit of dream, one would think ….?

    1. and what´s now your standpoint? Slovakia won ove Canada

    2. Well, dream has come true.

  7. well done Slovakia. Game against Canada will be tough but lost the first game which they should of won. The team has been improving every game and I am sure they can do it. Good luck guys.

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