Nicholson’s Gorilla Book Finally on the Shelves

The long-awaited book of Tom Nicholson on the Gorilla case of the secret police on alleged widespread corruption between top officials and financial group Penta hit the shelves today and looks set to rekindle public interest in the case.

Gorilla fighter Tom Nicholson finally gets his book published (c)

The book was initially banned by a dubious preliminary injunction by the Bratislava I District Court that Penta partner Jaroslav Hascak petitioned for, thus preventing its publication, but this was eventually overruled by a higher court in June.

The Gorilla reports, on reported meetings and shady deals between top politicians and the businessmen, were leaked anonymously on the internet at the end of last year shortly before Nicholson was planning to publish his findings and led to public outcry, a series of demonstrations and the creation of an ‘anti-gorilla’ movement. .

Hascak’s lawyer has said they will continue to pursue his right to protection of personality, which was the basis of the initial injunction on the premise that none of the claims or statements in the book had been proven and so should not be published.


  1. No actions taken? Typical! Why should anyone be accountable for their shady actions and crimial minds?

    I wish I could be part of this, it seems if I do anything wrong they will deport me, however any government official is almost encouraged to do so!

    Money talks….tell me, who can afford these multimillion dollar homes….and this is only the beginning!

  2. Irrespective of Nicholsons’ credentials as a journalist, as I have commented before, I find it strange that the only action Hascak as taken to protect his “good name” is to try and gag the story. He obviously can’t be that bothered or he would have taken the issue to a court OR is there some truth in Nicholsons’ allegations? Either way now that the minority public outcry has faded and the main players are keeping stum on the subject this story has nowhere to go. Recent govt. appointments will ensure that, no matter what the revelations, no action will ever be taken.

  3. I have had sneak preview of this book and to be honest, far from being interesting, it is a typical and total Nicholson self richeous innuendo bore and Hascak`s lawyer is perfectly correct, that none of the claims or statements in the book had ever been proven …..and as always and in every country those in government officials are lobbied by financial and other groups to vest their own views and interests . I do suspect huge bribes were paid …but what else in new in the ever excepting corrupt, thieving and robbing Slovakia?

  4. Will the book be in English? I need a good read for my summer trip! Does anyone know? and where could I get an English version if it exists?

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