Parliament Debates; Health Service Crisis on Hold

Hospital doctors have been waiting in anticipation all day on the outcome of the parliamentary session on fast-track legislative changes that will ensure doctors have their demands met, as promised by the government.

Slovak Parliament (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

The changes need sufficient support to be pushed through, though, and that could be the stumbling block that will put the health service under threat once more, as doctors stand by on strike alert.

The opposition in the shape of Smer-SD is making he most of the situation, criticising the government for how it has dealt with health service issues, with former health minister Richard Raši claiming the legislative proposals did not put a halt to the transformation of hospitals, for instance, a key issue for the doctors and also for the opposition to support the bill.

Another major issue concerns the money needed to hike up salaries of doctors, with not everyone backing the proposals in the agreed form.

Head of the doctors trade union Marian Kollar declared “Today appears to be D-day, when promises should be met”. The session has been going on all day is now recommencing at 5pm.

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