Protest at British Embassy Over Snatched Slovak Children

The recent attention received by the zealous actions of British social workers who see no issue in taking children from foreign nationals and putting them up for adoption has caused an uproar in Slovakia to the extent that the Ministry of Justice has openly condemned the actions and threatened to take Britain to the European Court of Human Rights over the issue.

Many Slovak children (estimated at around 30 now) have been torn from their parents in recent years in the UK, with the child snatching of two young boys two years ago providing the impetus for the Slovak public to organise themselves on a social network and plan a demonstration in front of the British Embassy at 4pm today.

In an article in the Telegraph at the weekend, journalist Christopher Booker also refers to the unprecedented move where a foreign government is considering contesting the British social system at the ECHR, with the Slovak government’s decision to pursue action resting also on the Appeal Court decision today in a case involving two young Slovak boys.

In the case, distraught mother

Mrs. B has been battling in vain for over two years to get her beloved sons M and S back from the British social services system. A special report was broadcast about their case on TV Joj on Sunday, causing a swarm of discussion and outrage on the internet.

Protest in front of British Embassy over "child-snatching" allegations in UK (c)

The family had been living in Britain since 2004 and their problems all started when they took their kid to the doctor to get a genital infection checked. Social workers moved in and claimed possible sexual abuse by the father. Before they knew it, their children had been wrenched from their home and eventually taken away for fostering in a traumatic scene involving 3 police cars, social workers, screaming children and a shattered and hysterical mother and grandmother, who were being held on the other side of the street as the children were being forcefully removed.

The tearful documentary on the B family case raises accusations that the motive behind such cases is big money, because one child feeds a whole chain of people in the social services network. In this case, the Telegraph cites various court hearings, four social workers, seven specialist doctors and psychologists, 16 interpreters, 13 contact supervisors and dozens of lawyers.

The mother, who ironically works as a carer and got qualified in the UK to run a nursery and be responsible for up to eight children, is determined not to give up. The B family case is specific in the sense that the court eventually swept the initial accusations off the table and the appraiser retracted an earlier appraisal, meaning the children should have been returned to their parents.

The social services workers were determined to hold onto their catch, however, and so refused to release them. The strain eventually broke the couple’s relationship. They have filed for divorce three times, but their applications have been rejected, claims Mrs. B. She says this is because the social services authority would have to return the children if the ‘threat’ had gone, i.e. if she was no longer in a relationship with the ‘potentially abusive father’. The father is fighting for his innocence, acknowledged by the court, and has always been willing to take a lie detector test.

The article in the Telegraph points to the unorthodox nature of the system in Britain, which is unlike anywhere else, citing just one recent case in Norway, which was swiftly resolved by the two governments involved. On the Slovak case, he notes how it has been drawn out with all kinds of experts, interpreters, contact supervisors and lawyers wrangling over a family that till a few years ago had functioned normally.

The Slovak authorities did not react properly or on time, at least to battle to have the boys delivered to their grandmother in Slovakia. Earlier this year a UK court ruled that the children are to be put up for adoption. MP for Birmingham John Hemming has taken a special interest in the case and even set up a campaign group called Justice for Families. Hemming, who is offering also similar families help with legal representation, criticises the way the system works and says he was astonished to see just how many foreigners are on the other end of the child snatching.

Mr Hemming helped prepare the appeal that will be decided on today and he is contacting other countries whose nationals are experiencing similar problems (he has info on around 1,500 cases already). According to the Telegraph, Hemming will be raising the disturbing issues with the so-called children’s minister Edward Timpson, whose parents have fostered something like 80 children over the years and adopted two. He could therefore be easily excused for supporting the system.

The Slovak Ministry of Justice issued a Declaration on its website, opposing this kind of forced adoption and instructing parents in similar situations to request a preliminary injunction in line with European law on human rights, before an adoption ruling is issued, in order to prevent their kids from being ‘processed’.


  1. The Social System in the West, and in particular the USA, Britain, Sweden and a few other countries, is totally out of controlled and staffed by psychopaths, incompetents and criminals. We are fighting a similar case here in Sweden – see . Our thoughts and prayers are with this Slovak family. I hope the Slovak people and government make an almighty stink about this because this is the way the whole EU is headed.

    1. Thank you Mr.Warren for your kind words!

      Good luck to you sir! And good luck to little Domenic!

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  3. If anyone wants a more balanced perspective on this story, written by a Slovak, read the Blogs of Petra Schwarczova, a self-employed translator, who works with the child protection agencies in the UK and has first hand experience of exactly what transpires in a child care case.

    1. Yes – I posted a link to her blog below. – I’m not sure whether Mr. Smith is able to read Slovak, though.

    2. i saw a youtube video with another social worker with man of UK government… Well if the social service is using him to translate to Slovak families. Than i know where is a base misunderstanding…
      These blogs are from woman who is paid by SS. So, what would you expect? As mentioned couple times. If parents are abusers. Than put them to the jail.
      How many times this happened while SS give children for adoption?

      1. i saw a youtube video with another social worker with man of UK government

        Is that your sum total of your knowledge of the social services, what they do and how they operate?

        You are confusing adoption and foster care again.

        When I do my work I don’t care who pays me. Usually it is the solicitor (if they ever get round to paying), who is in turn reimbursed via legal aid. Each parent and each child also has his/her own interpreter, each paid separately, and no interpreter is ever allowed to work for another of the parties for the sake of impartiality. Interpreters are professionals; if they are shown to be biased they will find that they won’t get much future work. It is easy enough to find out whether they are interpreting correctly as all court procedures are recorded. If the interpretation is incorrect, the case collapses, simple as that – there are plenty of cases of that recently, what with the ALS fiasco.
        I have dealt with murderers, child abusers, people traffickers, rapists, pimps, and all kinds of criminals, and I have been paid for doing so. It doesn’t mean that I support what they did. The barristers who represent them would also probably rather that they rotted in jail for ever, but they have got to defend them in court as everyone has the right to a fair trial.

        Re. put them to jail – if it so warrants, yes, but it is not down to the family courts to decide this. That is usually done separately. For all we know, this has been already dealt with in the case in question – it doesn’t always have to end up with jail – or maybe she has already been to jail – but I doubt whether TV Joj is going to pick up on that side of things, not least because it is probably subject to reporting restrictions.

        1. oh come on… i know very well what fostering and adoption means…

          If you doubt about TV JOJ, than you should watch today. We are going to have 3rd part of “perfect social system in the world…”

          couple facts:

          second point of the criteria is “Can you afford to foster? How much do I get paid? ”

          Than the article below on mentioned web site is:
          Will you get paid?
          All foster carers are paid to foster children. Unless carers receive over fifty thousand pounds a year, carers payments are usually not taxed and any Benefits they receive are not affected.

          I am sorry, but this seems to be that more important is “how much will they earn” and not why should they do this!

          What do you think? Who will apply for fostering? People who care about money or about children!

          It can than result to this:

          Regarding video below: I would say that you should use another translator becasue google translator can do this better. Slovak translation sound like menace and not as a explanation.

          while this site is about adoption… and nice and beautiful wording about abuse…

          Let`s summarise about abuse:
          Only two Slovak cases which i am aware. On both children were not abused and not harmed by their own parents, but social workers took them in one case the family court give these kids for adoption, but the Royal court give this case back. So, after two years they can start again… In another one will decide in next month and currently mother is pushed to the corner by SS to not seen her own children…

          and about blogs… i also have one…

          1. Re. ‘Can you afford to foster’ if it is such a fantastic money spinner, why isn’t everybody doing it? £150 a week AND having to give up your day job isn’t a lot. Have you got children of your own? They aren’t just things that you can put on the shelf – you have got to feed, clothe and love them. Do you expect people do do it for free? Look at the last point here – if you can get rich doing this then surely the country would be swamped with foster carers. There is a serious need for such people, and this is why they are having recruitment drives, this is why a fee is offered (but nothing like £480 a week, as claimed elsewhere). Your argument on that point is completely demolished.

            Re. the forced adoption site – how you can take that seriously is anybody’s guess. It is a mish-mash of half-stories and hysterical statements, none of which are backed up by reality, and set out in different fonts and garish colours. What is more it is run by a guy who lives as a tax exile in Monaco whose business involves helping to smuggle potentially abusive parents to Northern Cyprus. Great.

            Re. the You Tube video – The MP is from the same party as Hemming, and what he says is perfectly true. The ‘Slovak’ guy (probably more likely to be Serbian or something) is clearly not an interpreter, and I don’t think he claims to be. How can the MP know whether he is interpreting word for word?

            And your cases – were you involved in those cases? Can you substantiate what you say? Are you an interpreter or translator that specialises in such matters?

            Do you seriously, hand on heart, really and truly believe that there is a massive conspiracy in place, which would be in nobody’s interest at all, which is so massive that it has somehow passed all national and international bodies by? Come on – you can put a blog together and you can write quite well, so I’ll credit you with at least some intelligence.

    3. What an excellent Blog find DC …. Petra is rather a shinning light among all the sad plankton rattling away on here, with no knowledge at all of how the UKSS actually operates . Hard to believe she is Slowvak .

      As I said long ago, why let the facts get in the way of a good story . I am surprised our Editor fell hook , line and sinker for this tosh on JOJ . Not surprised the Slowvaks fell for it thou ….imho huge empty space between the ears .

  4. You appeal to inhabit an Alternative Universe with Alternative Family Courts.

    Findings of Facts are utterly notorious for being biased and irrational.

    Medical evidence is not “taken into Account” – it is usuallu dubious theories by an enthusiat or NAI enthusiat.

    It is NOT evidence-based.

    Parents are not given every opportunity to prove they are good parents

    they are not given opporunities to show they have the necessary skills.

    Finally the Balance of Probabilities was deliberately introduced in 1994 to LOWER the standard of proof as child protection enthusiasts complained.

    This is why children have a 99.7% chance of their parents losing the case and not going home.

    The Family Court is a Kangeroo Court.

    It is run like a combination of the Holy Inquisition, 17th century witch trial and French Revolutionary Tribunal with the judge behaving like the Red Queen in Alice.

    As in the first two, the parents are expected to confess, received treatment and get their children back.

    If you confessed to being a witch they let you go.

    If you recanted the Holy Inquisition let you off.

    If you did not confess or recant they hanged you and burned you respectively.

    If you claim to be innocent in the Family Court your kids get sent to Forced Adoption.

    Oh, by the way, there is no appeal because there is no funding for appeals, and if you do it youreself the court of appeal refuse to give Permission to Appeal and also you can’t go to the Supreme Court, the H o L successor without it.

    1. A perfect and correct description of how this centuries old system is not working in favor of those that need to rely on it the most. Best comment.

  5. I still wouldn’t mind a definition of a ‘potentially abusive’ parent, preferably one that isn’t swathed in a wad of official jargon.

    When you put those two words together, they seem to me to be either
    a) meaningless or
    b) applicable to all parents

    If that’s not the case, who decides what parents are ‘potentially abusive’? On what grounds?

    I mean no’one’s going to pay me a fortune today because I’m a ‘potential lottery winner’, and the police (hopefully) aren’t going to lock me up because I’m a ‘potential criminal’.

    1. James – Good question and one that doesn’t have an easy answer.
      The above NSPCC document explains what constitutes child abuse in plain English. The “potential” label is a grey area and there doesn’t seem to be a standard formula for establishing potential risks to children. Some are pretty clear – drugs use, crime, prostitution, history of violence, inadequate childcare provisions, unsuitable housing etc. but others appear to purely based on subjective observation of the family and environment.
      I was quite suprised to read that over protecting your child is classed as abuse as it may “restrict a childs personal development” – bizarre but true.

      1. Thanks, the ‘potential’ aspect is pretty much as I’d thought. But that document is indeed clearly written and sensible – on the definitions and signs of ‘actual abuse’.

    2. Awah, James just grow up for once . No one is likely to stick a xxxK in a small body if you are a potential lottery winner or potential shoplifter …but perhaps if you are a potentially abusive adult .

      This is potentially abusive, judgement is all based on the balance of probabilities based on the evidence, not beyond reasonable doubt and for the protection of the child first. Not a a 5 or 10 minutes Monty Python style debate.

      1. I wasn’t trying to be frivolous, just trying to show that such judgements are inevitably going to be subjective to some extent. Dave’s response (many thanks for that btw) partly backs up what I’m saying.

        1. Ok not frivolous , but certainly pedantic !

          1. In this case ‘potential’ as in a finding has already been made against at least one of the parents – obviously we don’t know the full story. On the balance of probability, therefore, the potential for abuse if their children are returned to them (or the grandmother) is significantly higher. The courts cannot take that risk until they are totally satisfied that the children are going to be safe, and if not, they need to find somewhere that is safe for them. In the meantime the parents are afforded every opportunity to show that they are good parents and have the necessary skills. All other circumstances – medical evidence comes high on this list – are also taken into account.
            That balance of probability is all-important and is evidence-based (as George says). My children have been to A+E for various cuts, knocks and bumps on several occasions over the years, but the social workers haven’t come knocking at the door once yet (and my wife is Slovak).
            I was just watching some of these Joj ‘reports’ and all I can say is thank goodness for the BBC. It’s like having the ‘Daily Star’ shoved in your face every day. Shoddy journalism doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  6. Sorry boys and girls but the cat is out of the bag – the Slovak omnbudswoman is goint to take a look at Slovak child care provisons – I wonder why with mummy leaving little Katka roasting in the car yesterday.
    For all you conspiracy theorists, child care is a scam in the UK and you “forced adoption ” disciples, here are some figures from a report prepared by the Statistics Office of the Slovak Republic for a UNICEF report. The figures are a few years old and it would appear that things have got worse.
    The introduction highlights the increasing incidents of violence within the family and cites alcohol as the principle factor.
    Total number of child welfare cases for the year 59,054
    Children in care 11,588
    % adopted in that year 1.7 %

    Now the SK has a population roughly one twelfth of the UK so your 11.5K would equate to 138,000 children in care but we have less than half of that. These figures also indicate that the incidence of children being taken into care is double that in the UK.
    The figures for adoption are slightly lower but here in the land of milk and honey some people are on a nice little earner “fostering” kids so it is possible that financial gain is being put before child welfare. By the way a foster family is one which takes care of a few children in the UK, in the SK your foster homes, 181 of them, care for an average of 22 kids each which sounds a bit more like a care home rather than fostering.

    1. wrong.

      The British figures have just arrived.

      30,000 children were taken into Care in Britain last year as the hysteria over the Harringey Baby P case spreads.

      Meanwhile the new Children’s Minister is even more of an enthusiast for Forced Adoption than Tim Loughton and wishes to have as many children Forced Adopted as can be as fast as possible.

      The point is the Slovaks don’t have Forced Adoption.

      1. No, the Slowvaks just have Forced Poverty, Forced Bad Education, Forced Corruption, Force Perverts as Priests, Forced Racism and an awful Police Force !

        1. have you ever been in slovakia? i really don’t know, if there was a single case of pervert priest! bad education? you can ask any 12 year old child, where is portugal, or paraguay and you’ll get the right question. but if i say here, i’m from slovakia, most of the answer will be “aaah, czechoslovakia?” unless we are splited for over 20 years! and you can bet, lots of the answers will be “yeah, i know where it is. you have a nice part of coast” and you even have a problem to write it right…it’s “slovaks” not slowvaks….. let’ s talk about corruption…ok, there is a problem, but don’t you think, that ss is not corrupted? stealing kids for money? that’s the worse dirty thing ever!!!

          1. Do you have single shred of ACTUAL evidence to support the fact that SS is corrupt and has stolen kids for money ?

            Anecdotal claptrap from a Blog or some unsoursed story book dont count .

            Dope , you believe TV and the media, who want increase viewing figures to sell adverts and newsprint and make money from you …

          2. Hi Monika,thanks for ur reaction for this,I have just get known this case,this situation,hartbraking ,terrible,also mother of 2….. Wonder how people could legit go so far……

      2. Mr Smith please explain the source of your figures. 30,000? The official figures taken from reputable sources are 10,000 kids taken into care in 2011.
        Slovakia has very similar adoption procedures to those in the UK, which once again are not forced, never have been forced and never will.
        Yes, there is a drive to have more children adopted because currently less than 4% of kids in care ever get the opportunity of a real family life.
        What do you suggest Mr. Smith – leave the kids to rot in institutions? or is that just the Slovak way?

        1. OK you win, Winston. This does seem like a good deal – £400 a week would solve some of my cash-flow problems. You seem to know a lot about the ins and outs. As my wife is Slovak, obviously we would want a Slovak child. What are the up-front costs (obviously a bit of baksheesh would be involved), and what would the return on my investment be? Who do I contact first? I’ve just been to a child protection meeting for a Slovak family, but the family didn’t turn up again. Do you reckon I can have first refusal on their child? Obviously I’d want it do be done quickly, they’ve already been dragging their feet for over a year now. Can you help?

          1. You get a huge great house and a ginormous income by British standards.

            We now have a Fostering-Industrial Complex where huge money is to be made.

            it’s £468 a week for “normal” children, but goes up for babies, teenagers and above all, Disabled Children – the latter being the most desirable . You can also claim Disabled Living Allowance for them, and costs of transport.

            Get 4 children, 2 of them babies, and preferrably a Disabled child as well and of course keep your job, and you can get in 120,000 easily at the taxpayers’ expense.

            You may be pleased to hear no baksheesh or outlay is involved.

            Nice little earner!

            It is hardly surprising the Slovak family failed to turn up if they cannot get a good Family solicitor.

        2. They are the offiicial figures released yesterday, as the new Children’s Minister crowed like Peter Pan.

          I’m surprised you should challenge the official figures.

          There is a simple solution – send the children home – the most valuable children for Forced Adoption come from nice middle class homes.

          For those families with “problems” work on the families.

          They come from a real family life.

          Also stop the high speed Forced Adoption as standard practice, particularly of young children and babies because they are easiest to Forced Adopt.

          Finally stop the dodgey child abuse theories. which prove to be untrue, like MSBP, and put their promoters on “Santa’s Naughty List” – which used to exist – for those who cause problems in the sytem, and they are not allowed to do statuory child protection work.

          We do, unlike non-Anglo-Saxon countries, and Slovakia, have FORCE ADOPTION.

          Namely adoption is supposed to be voluntary with the parents signing elaborate forms – it’s in the act – that it is of their free will.

          But the Family Court judge will set aside the permission of the parents at the request of the SS as a rubber stamp exercise – it’s in the 1976 and 2002 Acts – which alternative universe do you live in? – to Forced Adopt the children and raise a Placement Order.

          We specialise in busting Placement Orders.

          The sending of children to Foced Adoption to supply the adoption industry is now the system.

          It has existed for 40 years.

          Hence the name Forced Adoption

          Watch out it might be your kid next.

          1. Right – you have confirmed that you have serious issues. Go and make yourself a cup of tea. Calm down and carry on.

            ‘Watch out it might be your kid next.’
            I’m quaking in my boots.

          2. Mr. Smith – I now see where you get your 30,000 taken into care last year – you however only told part of the story and omitted to read on – over 19,000 were only taken into care as a temporary measure and were susequently returned to their families which leaves the balance of just over 10,000 taken into long term care which are the group from which adoptions are made. The government figures do show a slight rise in adoptions to almost 5% but hardly constitutes an industry.
            Thanks for the update.
            So middle class parents are less loving than working class – is that what your saying? The social status of the parents has got jack to do with any case. People who abuse their kids, by what ever means, deserve to have their kids removed and if those children are amongst the lucky few who find loving caring adoptive parents – good.

        3. In Slovakia nobody will let adopt ur child even u in prison for abusing of it if u don’t agree!!!!!!!! I know is is on head too but not as is obvious it is for money!!! Anyway ,it seams that everybody forgetting what ist his all about,how to get things right,the kids m use go back to her right to take them away,it won’t give life back to baby P or. Victoria….please ,PLease all do smthg!!!! H E L P!!!!!!!!!

      3. Point is that the only UK has a forced adoption, where the SS do not need parents approval.
        Slovak has adoption, but only with parents approval and adoption is the only last case where no other family members can care about children… UK {as a member of EU} signed international agreement document regarding children adoption and human rights in Strasbourgh where is no simple sentence about forced adoption… and given a foreigh baby to foreigh UK family.

        1. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Read Slovak Law regards adoption procedures. Once the child is made a ward of the state the parents have no futher input into the adoption process, for obvious reasons, and that is the case the world over. Unless you are suggesting that for example a father found guilty of raping his baby daughter has to give his approval for the child to go to a non abusive loving home, in which case you need a CAT scan! Also relatively few Slovak kids placed in care are susequently returned to another member of the family – again for obvious reasons. The UK regulations actually follow the EU guidelines and policy on children in care almost to the letter so wittering on about taking the UK to Strasbourg is piffle.
          Once again explain the phrase ” Forced Adoption” or stop using it as it is incorrect.

        2. Slovak has adoption, but only with parents approval

          What a ridiculous statement. If that is really the case, then God help Slovakia. I think you’d need more than a CAT scan if you really believe that. If so Slovakia clearly has some severe and fundamental problems that even Strasbourg couldn’t fix – in fact it might be grounds for re-appraising EU membership.
          One thing that I noticed when watching the Joj reports was that there is a basic (maybe deliberate?) misunderstanding of the system, and on more than one occasion referred to ‘adoptovanie do náhradnej rodiny’, thereby confusing the two concepts of ‘adoption’ and ‘fostering’ – the two are totally different. No children are given up for adoption immediately (‘forced’), unless there are extreme circumstances (all members of the family perished in a plane crash, for example); even if a baby is abandoned all attempts are made to find the birth mother. The first stage is to place the child in a foster family, during which period the parents can, if they wish, visit the child under monitored supervision (unless of course they are in prison and it is clearly inappropriate or welcome to pursue such contact). Any actual adoption comes a lot later and is the absolute final step. I have been involved with a few such cases – both Czech and Slovak – and by this stage the parents, if they are still interested at all (believe it or not sometimes they really couldn’t care less), accept that this is the only available option.
          Sure having a child taken into care is a stressful procedure and usually the presence of the police is usually required, but it is not adoption, and in 99% of cases there is a good reason for it. There is always a margin of error of course, but the authorities really aren’t in the business of taking kids just for the hell of it. If they were it would have got a lot further than a couple of agenda-driven articles in the Daily Mail or the Telegraph. All this stuff about ‘forced adoption’, which did indeed exist between the 1950s and the 1970s is, thankfully, a thing of the past, as are borstals, corporate/capital punishment, the stocks and so on. Just as forced sterilisation of gypsy women in Slovakia is a thing of the past.
          An interesting recording here

          1. yes, right… let`s place children 200miles away from parents and than wait how parent will react. Is this possible to travel 400 miles a day, couple times a week to see your children? Do they have a time for work to earn money to travel 400 miles to visit their children?
            As said, if parents are abusers, than OK let take children away and put parents to the jail… How many times this happened?

          2. Peter – they don’t place them 200 miles away. These placements are made within local authorities, none of which is that large.

            ‘if parents are abusers, than OK let take children away and put parents to the jail… How many times this happened?’
            Quite a lot, and rightly so – you don’t think they return abused children to their families, even in Slovakia, do you? I worked on a Czech case a few years ago. The mother received a prison sentence of 5 years for trafficking children into the UK for prostitution. The father, although he was quite a nice chap, was completely feckless and couldn’t even look after himself, let alone any children, of which there were nine, some of which were older than 16 so they could decide where they lived. The two middle ones were able to be placed with family around the corner, but the youngest ones were placed in care because the father was unable to look after them, and contact was made possible throughout. However, the issue was that there was no way that the younger children could be allowed to return home after what the mother had done – on the balance of probabilities and given the people that the family associated with, there was a major risk that those children would be exposed to abuse and immoral acts. The only option available to them was adoption, even though attempts were made to involve the Czech authorities, but they were reluctant to help. Even after she had been released (three years later) they were still allowed to pursue it in the courts as despite all that had gone before they were given every opportunity, but ultimately unsuccessfully.
            I don’t think that anybody would agree that children should be allowed to return to such an environment., but even to get to adoption stage took several years and an enormous amount of money and manpower was thrown at the case.

          3. oh – and if they are placed a distance away (usually because the parents have moved away) a travel warrant is issued to allow them free travel. They also have a statutory right to take leave from work (if they are working) in order to visit the children, and the times are arranged in order to cause the least possible disruption.

          4. Wurstpisk,u looks like a smart person,and with experience….forgetting all that conversation u think or have a any idea how to help to this mother to get her children back,as u must admit mistakes have been done and is not right…..I don’t live in Slovakia for a decade and the rules might changed,but still hey,we talk here about particular. Case of Ivana and her. 2 small boys….. Please all have a hard and let’s try together help.thank u

      4. Love how you shut down anybody trying to justify the nonsense of UK SS. There should be more people like you rounded up and start a revolution to replace those narrow minded “sirs and lords” that are making the UK look bad in front of the whole world by trying to run it like back in the 17th century. you are awesome forward thinking man.

        1. Martina, these children are never going to be legally returned to the mother or the father. They have already given up parental rights and have agreed in court that they are not fit parents. They also waived their right to appeal. That much is known. The grandmother has been given leave to appeal; hopefully for the sake of the children she wins her case, but if she then decides to hand those children over to the parents once in Slovakia then there will certainly be severe consequences and will place all future similar cases in jeopardy.
          I’m not sure what you are getting at, Sebastian.

  7. The Hypocrisy of United Kingdom Justice in the Closed (Secret) Family Courts
    In the UK we have a Forced Marriage Unit operating under Governmental guidelines and the practice is now illegal and rightly so. However, Government participates with a regime of Forced Adoption which is against the intents and spirit of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights to which the United Kingdom is a signatory.
    On the one hand the Government pontificates that Forced Marriage is an abuse of Human Rights yet on the other it does not recognize that Forced Adoption is also an abuse of Human Rights of the child and family as set out in the Human Rights Act and also the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.
    One indeed has to wonder why? In Forced Marriage those being the subject of abuse are adults or at least young adults who in some sense have a voice. However in Forced Adoption the child is unable to have a voice to defend themselves. They rely on an organisation called Cafcass to look after their interests. The representatives of this organisation are deemed to be independent and are placed as the Children’s Guardian by a court. That is the official line given by the Government, Family Courts, Local Authorities and indeed Cafcass.
    However, in practice the opposite is too often the case. Those elected by the Closed (Secret) Family Courts to carry the duty of this post are anything but independent. On reading their reports it becomes obvious that they differ very little from the official stance of the Local Authority. Their (Cafcass) reports are in the main an exercise in plagiarism.
    In a recent case a young child in foster care had sustained a fractured arm. At the time it was a non-medical social worker who made a decision not to have the child examined at hospital. This injury only came to the attention of others (the parents) some 10 months later on the issue of a doctor’s report. Also in that report was information that the child had also had several other fractures had occurred. None of these injuries were present when the child was taken into care. No matter what spin Cafcass or the Local Authority place on this incident it basically amounts to neglect of this young child by the Local Authority and Cafcass.
    In another case a pregnant mother being assaulted by her partner escaped to use the nearest phone box to call for help. She gave birth in the phone box and this was used against her to remove the baby.
    Yet another was illegally held prisoner in the Local Authority offices until the grandfather agreed to give up her child to the police.
    A statement made many years ago by one of the greatest advocate’s of peace and non violent protest was –
    “You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul” M.K. Gandhi
    Forced Marriage was deemed as an evil system and considered by Prime Minister Cameron as unacceptable.
    Forced Adoption, being every bit as evil is however condoned and supported by the same person. In fact he has issued statements in which he would like to see the Forced Adoption of children being made easier. Those placed before the Closed (Secret) Family Courts are there with no criminal charges being brought against them. They are not allowed to offer a defence at the same level as is allowed to Rapists, Murderers, Terrorists, even Paedophiles and others accused of serious crime have more protection under law against wrongful conviction. This is a system of NON JUSTICE where the norm is reversed and one is guilty until you can prove your innocence. The figure of Justice has not only been blind but is also gagged and made to turn her back on the innocent. Until the system of Forced Adoption is abolished completely it is an evil that is to the detriment of honest Justice in the whole United Kingdom and holds us to ridicule before the rest of the world as a place where the hypocrisy within Justice reigns supreme. It is also an assault on the true basis of the natural family by the state. Until abolished no family with children are safe from this evil within out midst.
    The White Rose

    1. For once and for all please stop using the phrase “Forced Adoption” it is a term coined by certain individuals and some organisations for their own ends. No one is forced to adopt a child and the child if he/she is old enough is consulted on the process.
      Cafcass or not elected, appointed or chosen at random, it is a public body, staffed by professionals that reports to the Department of Education. One of Its roles is to give advice and support to all parties, including parents, during Family Court hearings.
      Families Courts only deal with the civil issues and legal applications regarding families and children that is why the parents are not charged. If the parents are charged with a crime that case is dealt with by the criminal courts. White Rose obviously has never attended a Families Court or believes some of the diatribe that gets published. The parents are offered every opportunity to argue their case either personally or through a solicitor, they may introduce witnesses, specialists testamony and any other evidence in support of their case, they may cross examine witnesses and challenge statements made by the LA representatives. The Family Courts do not apportion guilt, they can not find someone guilty nor can they pass sentence, their role is to assess the evidence presented by both sides and make a decision based on the best interests of the child. The decisions of the Family Court can be appealed against all the way upto the House of Lords if necessary.
      The stories related make excellent reading but how much is left out of the story? as said, family courts procedings are not made public so unless the parent(s) come clean with regards what actually caused the problem we only get edited highlights and no one is going to say anything that makes them look bad – are they?
      Comparing Forced Marriages with adoption is madness to say the least.
      The phrase “Forced Adoption” comes from the Australian policy of forcably taking children from the Aborigine people during the first half of the last century.

      1. Hear hear – I have been involved in lots of such cases as an interpreter and translator, and no stone is left unturned.
        A very good blog by a Slovak interpreter working in England – all of my colleagues with whom I have spoken about this issue are in agreement. None of them were sure of what the system in England and Wales (Scotland has a different legal system, but it is largely the same) was before they came, but have become very impressed with it and have observed the goings-on in this case with incredulity.

      2. The creation of American-style Family Courts in 1992 was the biggest British policy mistake since Munich – which Slovaks readers may see as significant.

        Their secrecy was because of the cosmic mega-scandals which had preceeded this in the previous five years.

        The other mistake was to create CAFCASS in 2002, making the “Children’s “Guardians”” even more non-accountable, arrogant and ego-tripping.

        The Guardians do not represent the parents – ha! ha!

        They do not represent the children either and act as second violin for the SS.

        Every effort is made to suppress the children’s views.

        Their reports largely consist of quotes from the SS reports and the tame expert witnesses and pieces of gossip going round the SS offices.

        They do not see the need to check this and are usually violently hostile to the mother.

        They are not independent as in theory and the question has been asked what the taxpayers are getting for their money.

        As they are on fees and have up to 60 cases, incmes of £40,000 are involved, so no-one wants to jepodise that.

        1. The Guardians do not represent the parents – ha! ha!

          Of course they don’t – they are not called ‘Children’s guardians’ for fun. The parents have their own representation in the form of a solicitor and a barrister. Each child also has a solicitor and a barrister.
          Every effort is made to ascertain the children’s views in an extensive series of contact sessions between the parents and the child/ren, which can go on for months, but these views are only obtained where the child is of an age and intellect to be able to express his/her own opinions as per the international treaties – and that applies to ALL countries. I recently translated a case between Slovakia and Spain where the Slovak court’s method of ascertaining the child’s wishes was to ask ONE question, which was whether her father read her a book at bedtime. That question was only posed on appeal after the court of first instance hadn’t even heard the child at all. The Slovak children’s guardian didn’t even turn up to any of the hearings.
          As for an income of £40K – what sort of income do you think they should have? No matter what you say these are highly-trained professionals with, as you say, up to 60 cases. IMO they deserve every penny. Or are you going to be like Malcolm Tucker with his views on politicians, i.e.: ‘People don’t like their politicians to be comfortable. They don’t like you having expenses, they don’t like you being paid, they rather you lived in a f***ing cave.’

          1. I’m sorry but you are talking about a Britain in an alternative universe.

            Or the British foreign office was trying to impress the Slovak embassy.

            At contact sessions the parents and children are NOT ALLOWED to talk about the children’s views or anything to do with the court case.

            Every effort is made to exclude the children’s views.

            The “Children’s sol and bar” – there would not be one for each child – are in fact the Guardian’s sol and bar and instructed by them.

            At least Slovakia is better, no British appeal court would pose a question to a child at all. The Guardian would rule the roost with their highly inaccurate views.

            They are NOT high-trained professionals , and with 60 cases are highly overloaded, rushing from case to case to get their fees in. For that kind of money they are not going to rock the boat as they won’t get assignments.

            So you think it’s okay for Slovak kids to be sent to Forced Adoption by the British SS and Family Court on dubious evidence?

  8. Can I also kill off one recurring myth?

    There are no “private” adoption agencies in the UK – it is illegal to try and adopt a UK child by this means. All the agencies are either Local Authority or registered charities – Dr. Barnardos, catholic church orphanages etc. They are not allowed to make a profit from their activities and wouldn’t if they could. The question of lawyers is another matter but there are a number who will work pro bono, not that a lawyer is really needed.
    Adoption from a foreign country is a different matter and involves considerable costs and the adoption is brokered by a “private adoption agency” which have no connection with mainstream UK adoptions.

    1. Wrong.

      The Adoption Agencies are charities and therefore private as opposed to public bodies.

      They represent, with BAAF, an enormously powerful lobby, and with other parts of the Forced Adoption-Industrial Complex. the most powerful lobby in Britain.

      They rely on the £40,000 Forced Adoption fees to balance their considerable budgets and pay the salaries ( at rates Slovaks would go green with envy) of their staff.

      If Forced Adoption goes down or ceases they must close down like the chain stories filing for receivership and closing down on Britain’s high streets.

      So a hell of a lot of money is being made from kids put to Forced Adoption.

      Someone had better tell the SS legals and Family Court judges that foreign children cannot be put to Forced Adoption for 12 months from the Care Order.

      Cases are coming through all the time of the Placement Order being made ar the same time of the Care Order.

      Large sums are being made by sols and barrs in seeking these Placement Orders.

      Lastly I am concerned by the attacks on Christopher Booker, who is doing a good job for justice in exposing these stories.

      I am appalled by these attacks on children and their families seeking justice.

      1. Quote: ‘there is a very considerable amount of money to be made if you are an adoptive parent . If you take in one of these children or you are a foster carer, you can get £400 a week for each child, so if you have two or three adoptive children it is a hell of a lot of money.’ – Christopher Booker.
        Is this guy for real? It isn’t a matter of money – it is a matter of unconditionally loving and caring for that child for the rest of their life. You wouldn’t get past first base if there was the slightest hint that you were in it for the money. Anybody who spouts such complete and utter tosh should be disregarded as a bit of a crackpot.

  9. There are targets for this waiting time to ‘improve’ though, aren’t there? Isn’t it to an average of one year?

    Well yes there are, and so there should be. It is very bad for a child to be hanging around in limbo with a foster family (or several) without any secure knowledge of what might happen in the future. As there are no children’s homes in the UK (except for the most disturbed children who are provided with specialist care), which is the worst possible option for a child, and not enough prospective adoptive parents, this waiting time is longer than one year. But what implications were you getting at? This time starts to run only after the court procedure has run its course and there is no question that the court procedure will be hurried up as the last thing they want is to make a bodge job of it without considering all the options in the best interest of the child (NOT the best interest of a potentially abusive/unsuitable parent).
    Unless there are more adoptive parents, this period will remain longer than they might want it to be. You can’t force people to do this, and chucking money at people won’t make the prospect any more attractive – I am in the process of giving a reference for some friends of mine who are applying, and the list of questions and issues is enormous. If anybody thinks they are in it for the money then they are sadly deluded and will soon be weeded out. Bringing up a child of your own, let alone an adoptive child, is very expensive indeed.

    1. OK, so just to clarify – the 3.5 years ave waiting time quoted by Dave C is also from the end of court procedures(?)

      I don’t dispute the last para at all. I’ve thought from the start that the idea of this being a money-making scam is nonsense. The thought that bothers me more is that we have a Social Services system subject to a lot of political pressures, even (I’d say) demonised in some quarters, and which is so desperate to avoid previous tragedies that it may sometimes err in the opposite direction. And we’ve seen all this before, it wouldn’t be anything new.

      One or two things you say have their flip side too, eg ‘so there should be (targets for waiting tmes to improve)’. All right, but so there should be an ‘enormous list of questions and issues’ for potential adoptive parents, given that the whole point of the process is to ensure a more suitable home environment than the original one.

      Finally, could you clarify the phrase ‘potentially abusive/unsuitable parent’?

      1. I agree with you – the list of questions should be exhaustive. I have no argument with that at all. I can’t see a flip side to that.

        The child’s best interests are always paramount, and that is recognised in all international conventions, e.g. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The best interests of a potentially abusive/unsuitable parent should not be placed above these best interests when deciding on such issues. Such is the case here – it is down to the competent authority in whichever country to pass judgment, and in this case the competent authority has decided that the parents are not suitable, and they have accepted that. The parents cannot be permitted to drive this matter by means of the media after the event.
        The fact that the grandmother has been given leave to appeal is a separate matter – if the courts decide that she is unsuitable by virtue of the fact that the parents are unsuitable then so be it. Imagine the headlines if the courts returned the children to the grandmother and then it later transpired that the children had suffered further sexual abuse (or worse) at the hands of the parents (or parent). But would it make the TV Joj headlines, I wonder?

  10. George M

    why you havent replied to me? Is it because you too busy commenting on any others post?? Complaining and hating everything and everybody? I feel really sorry for you!

  11. Some stats for our conspiracy theorists – for 2011

    Total number of kids in care in the UK 65,520

    60% – 38,200 subject to interim or full care orders.
    31% – 20,430 handed over by parents/family voluntarily unable to care/cope
    7% – 250 subject to special care orders
    2% – Police protection/ youth justice system

    Number of children placed on adoption register 2,450 (3.7%)
    Number of children adopted 2,900 (4.4%)

    Average waiting time for child adoption 3.5 years
    Adoptions figures include children returned to parents or family.

    So boys and girls if the taking of children into care is a money making scam it is not working too well is it. The UK has, and most probably will always have, more children in care than potential adoptive parents. Anyone who wants the gender, age or ethnic mix stats –

    1. There are targets for this waiting time to ‘improve’ though, aren’t there? Isn’t it to an average of one year? And doesn’t that have certain implications?

      I agree that the idea of a money-making scam is almost certainly nonsense. But the idea of unreasonable political pressures placed on the service is – at the very least – a bit more plausible.

      1. Yes James, there are proposals to try and reduce the waiting time for the adoption of UK kids. Foreign nationals will still not be put on the adoption lists until they have been in care ( Full Care Order) for a min of 1 year.

  12. I’ve just realized how different the British and Slovaks are.

    Slovaks complain about it’s government and institutions all the time while the government and institutions do very little to improve.

    The Brits don’t admit that there is something wrong with the UK till their last breath while their government and institutions try to clean up the mess asap.

    In the last week I’ve complained myself at least 3 times about SVK SS and the SVK embassy people in London. Very little complaints or words of empathy came from you, our English speaking friends.
    In my opinion your all lost a big opportunity to prove that you are different that the people or cases you critiscize here on The Daily everyday.

    1. Loghead – Well done if you have personally complained about Slovak institutions, all we need now is the other 5 million to do the same and something may actually change.
      I don’t recall any posts by any UK expat or anyother English speaker that have declared there is nothing wrong in the UK, in some cases quite the contrary, but some of us have dismissed the total drivel posted by the likes of yourself because misinformed or speculative comments based on hearsay and specifically designed as a vehicle to promote anti UK sentiment is not the purpose of this comments section. Some of the posts reflect the Slovak mindset – referring readers to articles that are decades out of date, deliberately biased, pure fantasy or authored by people who for what ever reason have a personal agenda on the issue. A society’s development requires errors to be made, new approaches tried and lessons learned so as to encourage continual improvement – if mistakes have been made by the UK SS, yes they should be addressed but any such review should be based on hard facts not irresponsible, popularist comments.
      A prime example of this is the number of comments with the phrase ” Forced Adoption” – who exactly is forced ? – the adoptive parents? – the children? No,No,No – the procedures for adopting a child in the UK are very complex and involved – some comments here seem to think you just go in a shop for someones kids. The only children put up for adoption are those where there is no chance of them ever returning to their family – any part of the family. Consideration is also given to the childs ethnic roots and national culture and wherever possible is placed with adoptive parents of the same background. Irrespective of any other considerations the childs long term welfare is the overriding concern. The only other option open to the UK authorities is leave all children in institutions with only some lucky ones going to the limited number of foster carers. Clearly that is unacceptable, unfortunately many children do spend their young lives in care homes without the experience of a loving family.
      As for the alleged money train, if there is any truth in this then I think the UK press and public would have been on to it by now and I know the vast majority of Brits would be appalled if this is true.
      As for empathy, I think that you will find that all of us consider it a disgrace that firstly, Slovak families in the UK or any other country are left to fend for themselves with no support from your consular staff and secondly that Slovak officials have been so lapse in ther duties that a little girl has suffered a horrific death and other children have been placed in potentially similar situations BUT I must ask – Where is the Slovak press on this issue and the concerned parents?

  13. Note to George M, I have never posted on here under a different name, I’m perfectly comfortable expressing all of my opinions under my own name (unlike a lot of people). I’m sure JB can verify this via my IP address, email etc.

    My don’t you give us your real name George? Afraid of something?

    1. Donova, Why are dopes like you always claiming someone is afraid ? I bet your one of those people that thinks ID Cards are a good idea, so that State can follow your every possible move .

      Every heard of Privacy,? Ever Heard of ID Fraud ?

      When a couple of bailiffs turn up at your front door, because you were dumb enough to give out all your personal info in the web and suddenly you find someone has bought but not paid for, a 25 grand car in your name, perhaps you will see why I keep my private life, private .

      BTW, how is the Open Uni going ? All Done and dusted by 2020,no ???

      1. Haha! Actually I hate the idea of ID cards.

        Open Uni? Yeah it’s going ok it’s nice to be able to manage studying around my busy work schedule. How’s your lecturing going? Wonder where you got that qualification!

        1. Quote~~~to manage studying around my busy work schedule. ~~~

          What work is that then Donova, still the Dog Flea Grooming ?

          Quote ~~How’s your lecturing going? ~~~

          The lecturing is obviously going fine. Have you not seem my female fan club of this forum . I even have some actual, proper stalkers .

          1. Ah George you crack me up. Actually a friend of mine in Ireland started a business as a dog groomer about 10 years ago and now she owns the largest chain in Ireland and is a millionaire so let’s not dismiss dog groomers so hastily!!

  14. Putting aside the fact that this page has become a forum for swapping insults I think everyone should do a bit of background reading and establish some hard facts, not rumour or hearsay, from reliable sources.
    The comment that kids from central european countries are being deliberately targeted is not supported by the readily available figures. Less than 2% of the children taken into care last year were from those countries.
    I am no fan of the UK Social Services but I know that they are under great pressure not to make a mistake that leads to a childs injury or death and recent, highly publicised cases have increased this pressure. They may well have been over zealous in SOME cases and I would welcome a review of any cases that come under question but the percentile incidence of child protection cases for central and eastern european families, athough slighly lower then the indiginous UK population, is about par. The suggestion that ALL Slovak parents are good parents and that the UK courts are somehow biased against them is flawed, as demonstrated by the two incidents discovered here in the last few days. I have no doubt that the majority of the cases brought by the SS were valid and that they were acting in the best interest of the children.
    This is an opportune point to address what, in UK law, constitutes child abuse or endangerment and I suggest everone reads the relevent sections of the Families and Childrens Act which embodies many of the aspects of the EU regulations. I was bemused by many of the things defined, some I think are stupid and should be revised but that is a job for the politicians, the UK courts have a duty to apply the law as it stands with consistancy and even though many judges have questioned some aspects of the law I believe that they are doing their duty and should not be attacked for do so. Some of the problems appear to arise from Slovaks continuing practices which they believe to be acceptable in the UK – conducting home invasive treatments is one example, common here in Slovakia but taboo in the UK. I would suggest any Slovak thinking of moving to the UK should do some research and get as much information as possible so that they do not inadvertantly get into hot water.
    I think many of the Slovak commentators also need to understand, that much of what is customary here is not acceptable in the UK – such as leaving children to care for their siblings, it was OK when I was a child but not now, and that trying to draw direct comparisions between “normal” life here in the Sk and the UK is not applicable due to our social differences.
    Finally, I think everone should actually look at what procedures are followed by the SS, the recent case of the 5 Roma children is a good example, the parents were advised that their accomodation and child care provisions were not good enough, they were then warned, served notice and only after making no attempt to improve the situation was the court case for an Interim Care Order made. The recent ruling of the court was – if they improve the home situation they could have their children back – that does not have the traits of a conspiracy to snatch children, the fact that the children are to be returned to family in the Sk is of no consequence to the facts of the case.

    1. Dave, Dave, Dave …Why even bother with reasoned argument ?

      You wanna know how you do it? Here’s how…… they pull a knife, you pull a gun. They sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of there`s to the morgue.

      That’s the British way, and that’s how you get the Trolls and the Slowvaks.

      1. The Morgue ?? And have their skin grafted off as well, I guess ? 🙂

      2. JB, George is talking about killing somebody. If that’s alright everything is.

        Sorry to tell you but you lost it a big way. My joke about Santa Claus racing was not allowed but encouraging people to kill was.

        1. awwwww ! Only Trolls and Slowvaks ….

          Do you know any Trolls and Slowvaks then Loghead ??????

    2. Excellent post, Dave, which covers all the key issues. I do think the whole target/quota culture in British welfare services is one that could also have been addressed as part of the pressures Social Services are under.

  15. Please note also that we cannot republish large sections of news reports from other publishers without their consent.

  16. George,

    Just wonder why did you choose Slovakia? Why to run 3 business (not only 1) in country which is like a village and most of the people have sad village minds?

    I also wonder which University did you go to get you Lawyer education?

  17. Something is probably rotten in the UK legal system.
    But something is certainly rotten in British Social Services practices!
    Their practices can create a plot for any movie on kidnapping children.
    Real nightmare for any loving parents…

    If you want to learn about the tyranny of social services and the family courts in the UK read on:

    ” The UK is the ONLY country in Europe (apart from Croatia and perhaps Portugal) to tolerate the barbaric practice of forced adoption.The severing of all contact FOR LIFE between children and their birth parents. In effect a LIFE sentence without the opportunity of being heard by a jury, often imposed on parents who have committed no crime but who are said to be a risk to their children following predictions by overpaid charlatans working closely with the local authority.” (from web)

  18. There is so much hatred out there it’s just unbelievable, I used to get upset about these kind of message dear George M, but you are just not worth it. Out of work with nothing to do dear George M? Have you heard of saying the devil will find work for iddle thumb to do??

    I wish the issue gets resolved in good of children guilty parents or not, that is the main point of all of this, not ratial or nationalistic abuse George M is hurling against one nation. Typically ‘heroic’ of you hiding behind false name. I would like to see you speak like this infront of those 300 protesters in Bratislava…x

    1. Oh Dear, Mr Curious has arrived , welcome Don always Curious along with thousands of other names ! never addresses the subject, always a person . Your posts are like a signature .

      Still pretending to be women and dressing up in clothes as an Author ?

      Just wait for the righteous indignation !

      Don`t worry, I will send JB your personal website we made up for you on The Sun .

    2. The familes are at war with social services and the Family Court, as hasbeen said.

      Hoewver I am amzedby the personal abuses, instead of letting people address this whole tidal wave of injustice and trafficking in children.

      Or are they social worker trolls?

      The British Family Court and social work system are rotten.

      It’s just in this instance children from a country which is ppalled by Forced Adoption have been targeted.

  19. I think needs to do a much better job at policing messages before they are posted globally: This George M guy has expressed only hatred towards this unfortunate family & a nation of people, when he has no idea as to what he’s talking about. He has no point. He just wants a reaction.

    I’m all for expressing an opinion; freedom of speech & all that but when someone has no knowledge of what they’re talking about they should button it! This apparent low opinion (which is quite moronic) that George M has towards Slovakia probably comes from him once being in a failed relationship with a Slovak (that’s Slovak, not “Slowvak”, George M) woman whereby she ditched him for someone much better & took the kids with her, hence the chip on the shoulder.

    George M: Nobody knows who you are; nobody cares who you are but congratulations, everybody hates you! That is all you have achieved here. Nothing more.

    1. P.S. I am an Englishman. And I have visted many beautiful parts of Slovakia & had the pleasure of meeting many friendly, honest, fun people.

  20. My wife and i were so afraid of the UK authorities that we moved to Ireland. See www dot assumedauthority dot net for the story in the UK. Our baby was born in ireland but then taken by social services here as UK social services lied and fabricated reports to paint a false picture of us. We are now fighting to get our baby back and are undergoing parental assessment.
    Please see links at the end of my chronology on my assumed authority site. DO not trust social workers, particularly in the UK. They will sell your children into the privatised fostering and adoption business with any excuse. If no excuse then they very often make some up. The system is totally corrupt. Decent social workers have left due to corruption, leaving many bent ones who care nothing for children and families. Your child is their backhander from the fostering agency or their promotion.

    1. Shaun, I was perhaps one of the few people ever to read your entire Blog . Sorry son, believe me, if the police or anyone else in authority reads it, there is no way they can have fabricated reports to paint a false picture of you.

      1. I do realise that the ‘authorities’ never admit to mistakes or corruption. However, today i received a letter from police offering me £175 compensation for damage done in a raid on my UK house, though they did point out that it was a ‘gesture of godwill’ and not an admissio of wrongdoing or error on their part. I love the UK authorities – what a kind and thoughtful gesture.
        (The we site was some of my published work in local and national newspapers. The vaccine story was published by Sovereign Independent. The Chronology obviously isn’t published (except by me on that site) but is there to shame the corrupt UK authorities – should i ever get another reader apart from George.

    2. For those who are Slovak reading this, you should know;-

      Advisory organisations helping families have had a large number of cases involving Central and Eastern European families where the children are being put up for Forced Adoption

      This is because the children are WHITE.

      These are the children adopting couples want, and not those of minorities from the rest of the world.

      It gets worse.

      Most of the cases are from NORTHERN Central and Eastern Europe where the children are likely to have blonde hair and blue eyes – the most desired children.

      Lastly large sums of money are made out of the children – £40,000 is the usual payment to an adoption agency, and as has been said below, a lot of people rely on the children to earn money.

      They are very valuable commondities.

      This is because;-

      In the recent consultation exercise an eminent psychologist put in a report saying Forced Adoption is standard in Britain and the US., but shocks non-Anglo-Saxon countries who don’t have it.

      The total secrecy of the American style Family Court, where if anyone speaks out you are likely to be jailed for Contempt. The social workers trawl the net for any revelations to rport to the judge, who always goes to twon on it, as i found when I was in court last week.

      The total secrecy is because of major scandals in the late ’80’s. early ’90’s which were of cosmic mega-scandal level and would have completely discredited child protection work in Britain. Seniot judges, committed to these theories and campaigning to bring in American-style Family Courts responded with total secrecy.

      1. I very intrigued by this, how do you know so much?


    Another interesting article about ss worker – whistleblower. Makes me sick.

    1. peanuts anyone ???

  22. I am slovakian and living in uk for long time now….been watching this case for long time and didnt even believe it!!! well now i believe and all i can say is disgusting!!!!!
    How can all this be going on in country like england and everybody ia affraid to say anything??????

  23. Oh, really? You two are women? A little shock to me. I always thought that George and Dave are names of the men. Thanks for the lesson 😉

    1. Proof that Slowvak women have very low IQ and total sense of humor failure.

      1. by the way what is your IQ, can we know that number? Statistically Slovaks (or Slowvaks by your vocabulary) IQ is only 4 points lower than British one.

  24. Geogre,
    Than read this ones, published on UK`s webs…

    These parents are legaly working in UK for last 7 years and paying UK taxes accordingly. This case is not one of the most who are just abusing UK social system. You have to distinguish between human rights and abuse!

  25. Dear George, maybe you could go to see your doctor. And maybe (if not too late) so he can help. Good luck to your family and especially to your children.

  26. Nice to see the comments section on a very worrying case being turned into a forum to attack the grammatical accuracy of comments and question peoples’ spelling.
    SLOW – ant. of Fast – Slow trains, slow court procedings, slow reactions, slow procedures.
    SLOW – mentally inhibited – Slow on the uptake,
    SLOWVAKIA , judging by some of the twee comments, seems to fit the bill!

    1. By George I think he got it, I think he got it !

      The rain-in Spain-lays mainly on the plain …………..

    2. to Dave C.

      If you had better study in school you know that SLOWVAKIA is not correctly written. SLOVAKIA is right!

      1. Proof , that every Slowvak woman is just stupid ????

        1. Goerge, if any Slovak dumped you it is proof she is a clever one!

  27. George M! So quick to criticise the English grammar… I’d like to know if you can write or converse in any other language at all? I very much doubt it! I’d just like to point out that your grammar is not so hot either as Slovak does not have’ W’ in it!!
    But anyway. You are obviously not educated enough as your view of Slovakia is laughable. Go and educate your self first before you write something on a public page.

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