photo (c) John Boyd

Radicova backs special EU summit on Libya

On Tuesday this week Prime Minister Iveta Radicova called on European leaders to hold a special summit on the situation in Libya.

photo (c) John Boyd
PM Iveta Radicova (c) The Daily

Talking to SITA newswire, Radicova said that the summit was crucial and that it would not have to deal only with the situation in Libya now, but “also the issue of the Arab world in general”. She referred to the situation as highly serious.

Radicova noted how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already expressed Slovakia’s stance on Libya several times and that Slovakia was one of the first countries to call for resolute and unequivocal steps against Libya.

Radicova thus followed in line with British PM David Cameron and his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy, who earlier on Monday had also called for an extraordinary summit to deal with the escalating situation in Libya and the whole Middle East and North Africa.

The EU has now set the date for the extraordinary summit on Libya for 11 March in Brussels.

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