Rewards for corruption informers; SNS strongly against

Interior minister Daniel Lipsic is steaming ahead with his plans to fight corruption in Slovakia on all levels.

Among other things, he has taken a leaf out of the USA’s book and is preparing a plan to uncover cases of corruption by offering informers a percentage of the amount saved or recovered, while offering them greater protection.

Lipsic justified the move saying: “We feel it is important for people to be brave. In the case of corruption, there are no witnesses or corpses, just the two parties involved”.

Head of the Anti-Corruption Office, Peter Kovarcik, says they have been instructed to go ahead with their investigations regardless of who the finger is being pointed at. Next week the office is expected to release information about affairs at the Ministry of Defence under the former government.

A surprising response came to the news from the nationalist party SNS, as its deputy chairman and MP Andrej Danko said: “Resolving corruption by rewarding people is like treating a diseases with another disease”. He went on to say how he regarded informers as the pit of society, like maggots, who deserve nothing, especially not a reward for exposing corruption. Maybe he is trying to say that corruption has its own rules, and that ‘the game’ should be played fairly.

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