OECD: Slovaks Tenth in World by Hours Worked

According to an OECD report on the number of hours people in different countries spend at work, Slovakia came in tenth in the ranking, cites an article today in daily Hospodarske Noviny.

The daily notes how almost everyone in Slovakia works at least eight hours a day, with just 4% of the working population working less than that. This figure is high, but not as high as in the case of Mexico, which tops the list with some 2,317 hours worked every year, compared to Slovakia’s 1,750.

Pavel Jirecek from the IT company T-Systems is quoted as saying people value their jobs more because they are in short supply, and so people are willing to work harder to hold onto them. The average annual salary in Slovakia works out at EUR 14,500. In addition to Mexico, Slovakia was beaten in the rankings by Chile, Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea and the USA. T


  1. There must be some Slovaks who work 30 hours a day to arrive at this average.
    Many of the local non-jobs don’t start until 9am, have an hour for lunch and close the doors at 2.30 -3pm, earlier on a Friday, or is that just here? The eight hours a day certainly does not include doctors, teachers, local and national government workers. Also there is a big difference between hours of attendance and hours of productive work.

  2. Dear lord…”The average annual salary in Slovakia works out at EUR 14,500″
    How does someone survive on that salary?

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