SNS leadership battle heats up

Nationalist party SNS will be deciding on its future direction this weekend as the chairperson elections take place on Saturday in Ruzomberok. Many are calling for long-standing chairman Jan Slota not to run for the post, also because of the party’s loss of support in the parliamentary elections.

The three candidates are Jan Slota, current deputy chair Anna Belousovova and Dusan Svantner. Both Belousovova and Svantner agree that Slota should not run in the wake of the election disaster, which saw the SNS make it into parliament by a whisker.

Svantner also attacked Belousovova, claiming she had said she would set up a new party if she wasn’t voted in as new party leader, but Belousovova rejects his claim outright. Svantner is also calling for a blind ballot for the voting.

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