Some Dangerous Products to Watch

A Slovak cheese (Syrove nite) has been found to contain the dangerous bacteria listeria, with the cheese possibly already on the Slovak and Czech markets.

The producer, Bačovské syry Svederník, is recalling the cheese from the market, but if you have some, you should throw it away or try to get your money back.

It was an importer in Olomouc that discovered the dangerous bacteria in a delivery of around 40 kg of the cheese, which it then reported to the Regional Veterinary Authority in Olomouc

Another cheese from Austria, SPAR Natur*pur Bio-Bergkäse, was also found by the veterinary authorities in the Czech Republic this week to contain listeria. It was withdrawn from the SPAR retail chain.

The Slovak food and veterinary authority ordered the recall of another two products yesterday. The first concerns around 3 tons of chicken from France which is soiled by pieces of bone and bile, which was detected at a warehouse and was being sold freely around Svidnik in East Slovakia. Around 56 kg of the badly gutted chicken was sold.

Retail chain Lidl also had to recall stocks of Nordwaldtaler 0.5kg oat flakes, after German authorities announced that they contained mycotoxin. Agriculture minister Zsolt Simon warned anyone with them not to eat them. Over ten tons of the oat flakes were put on sale in Lidl outlets.

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