Trouble in Italy for Some Slovan Fans

Not all Slovan Bratislava fans will be celebrating their team’s qualifying 1-1 draw with AS Roma as much as they would like, after being banned from attending all sporting events in Italy because of the swastika.

Some of the ‘Belasi’ fans were banned from between 3 and 5 years after being caught with pyrotechnics and  displaying what was referred to as Nazi symbols.

One Slovan fan was eventually stabbed in Rome after his team put the Italian giants out of the competition, but he is believed to have suffered only minor injuries. Another fan was caught stealing from a grill bar and one was charged with possession of a knife.


  1. John, any idea how many are subject to this ban? The stabbing incident, theft and possession of a knife were widely reported in Slovak media but (hardly surprisingly) nothing has been made of the displays of the swastika.

    Assuming it’s true (no reson to believe it isn’t), there should be a Europe-wide, ie UEFA, ban on these people, rather than just an Italy-wide one.

    1. The report I got just says “several” fans with bans only in Italy from 3-5 years.

    2. italian giants!!!!!!!????
      i think slovaks are not informed…..
      rome actually is one of the worst team in the italian soccer scenery…..


      1. they are viewed here as one of the big clubs in Italy, Giulio, regardless of their form

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