Two Slovaks Among Taliban Victims in Himalayas

Two Slovak mountaineers were among the group of ten that were attacked by Taliban rebels at Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas on Sunday.

Illustrative photo

One of the two Slovaks, Anton Dobeš and Peter Šperka, well known in Slovak mountaineering circles, has been confirmed dead as the identification of bodies continues, but no information has been released as to whose body was found, with little hope of the other man being alive.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miroslav Lajcak, noted that this was probably the first case of Slovak nationals being the victims of a terrorist attack.


  1. Reading the real newspapers as I do, it appears only one, not two members of the group of mountaineers was killed by Taliban rebels, well according to the Pakistani authorities spokesman . However, the identity of the man has not been confirmed yet.

    Has no one thought to look for a tattoo on the back of his neck ????

    1. Back on your heads is TWO , named today as Anton Dobes and Peter Sperka. Condolences to the family of each victim

      BTW. They were ID by their huge noses and elephant flapping ears.

      I wonder if the entire nation will go into days of mourning thou ?

  2. If a Slowvak falls in the night, does anyone actually hear it ?

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